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If you would like a puppy from my kennel....

In my pups rearing I will go by with german rules, because I think, german breeders do a real great job and their puppies are physically and first of all mentality cared. Socialising base is permanent contact with people and other dogs. Pups will be born and spend their first life weeks at home, and from their 3-4 week, weather depending, they will also stay some hours outside in the garden, to explore surrounding them world and catch the sun ;-) In garden (or at home, season depending), pups will have prepared puppy play ground, on german pattern. At their 7-8 week they will get to know with car drive, that the long way to new homes wasn`t too big stress for them. During full 8 weeks pups will have daily contact with small child. To new families puppies go after their 8th week. They will be fed only with highest quality food. They will be vacinated and three times dewormed of course. By collection provided with pedigree, passport, chip, mentality tests, pups layette and "puppy directions for use".

What I expect from my pups buyers: first of all love, patience and consequence ;-) I wish to keep regular contact with new families of my pups. Active persons are welcomed, who have time for walks with dog and his training. Houses with gardens are not required but welcomed ;-) I expect from future owners that after 18 months of pups life they will x-ray them for HD. I`m the only one breeder in Poland who absolutely requires x-ray of each his puppy. I do that for Your knowledge about Your pup`s health, for my kennel and for the breed. Only knowledge certificated with proper examinations allows the conscious dogs breeding.

At the moment there are four brood females in the kennel, all born by us: Vegas` daughters - Luka and Vera, who will have her first litter in year 2019, the youngest Maggy`s daughter - Kira and Madra`s daughter - Juna, she will be active in breeding up from year 2020.

At the age of 7 years retired from breeding norwegian Dottir and in year 2014 the german Maggy. In year 2016 the last litter had Vegas - daughter of our german Maggy, with full german pedigree, and Madra - daughter of our oldest Dottir, she finished her breeding time in year 2017.

All our females have interesting, west origin. They are always mated with foreign males. They are healthy, free from HD, eyes, heart illnesses and DM. Vegas is for me hovawart ideal: of excellent origin, perfect health, grate temperament and mentality and in addition of big beauty what she proved on many shows in whole Europe, winning also in competition of 300 hovis. I believe that also her kids will be eighter so successful. Madra is the granddaughter of our first famous male - Aggy, from breeding his norwegian daughter in Germany. Of excellent health, stable, friendly mentality and also of big beauty. Luka is the black fortune of interesting mostly german pedigree, with swedisch blood. Kira has full german origin. Vera is our latest star who goes throught the rings like a bomb, her list of achievements is stunning. Juna is our black lightning, great temperament and drive. We are very curious what the youngest generation will bring us in breeding.

I hope, my requirements are not too unreasonable, after all I give You my nursed darlings and would like that both You and they are always happy and satisfied with your common live ;-) I am and always will be at Your disposal in case you have any questions or problems.