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Vera`s Gallery

World Dog Show Brno 2021, Vera in champion class exc.1/5 and R.CACIB, shown for the first time by Marta ;) <3

FILM 1    FILM 2

Vera 5 years old, the older the more beautiful <3

My star, my pride, my scamp ;)) 4-year-old Vera in all her glory standing freely to admire her wonderful anatomy...<3

The last Vera`s session before motherhood (August 2019) ;))

Vera`s adult German VDH and Club Champion diplomas - she is the only hovawart in Poland and Polish breeding dog with fourfold German Championship (adult and youth, VDH and Club) ;)

International Show Warszawa: Vera wins next CACIB, Crufts Quali, she becomes Best Female and BOS :)

Vera is a grateful model, almost spring session March 2019 ;)

Vera - winter session 2 years 4 months ;)

International Show Lubin (Poland): This time also quite big competition as for Poland, 9 polish dogs, and Vera became Best of Breed and finished Interchampionship ;))) Judge was a very famous breeder and a respected judge Mrs. Carmen Navarro Guisado, the judge paid great attention to anatomy, limbs placement and movement. By Vera she particularly praised the excellent angulation of the front and back. It is a great honor to hear such a compliment from such judge!

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Internation Show with Poland Winner title - Poznań 2018, i.e. continuation of bald Vera performances :) This time big competition as for Poland, 14 dogs, and Vercia became Best of Breed ;)))

FILM 1     FILM 2

Euro Dog Show Warsaw 2018: completely bald Vera ishowed for the first time without me wins the champion class :)

FILM 1     FILM 2     FILM 3

Two shows in Tulln in Austria, full success of the Enormous hovis ;) Vera on the first day won Crufts Quali and BOB, and on the second CACIB and became Austrian Bundessieger Winner ;)) In males everything scooped both days our Boss (Enormous Mister Boss) ;)) We lived in a wonderful place, the dogs were sooooo happy :)


Two shows in Leipzig, funny experiences by very "hospitable" Germans... On the first day Vera ran ouit CAC and R.CACIB (=> movie), on the second day CAC, CACIB, BOS, title Best Female and German Winner (=> two movies).


Our one-week trip to the Netherlands to visit Vera`s brother Janssen and to participate in the World Dog Show Amsterdam 2018 (Vera won the intermediate class) ;)


22 months old Vera ;)

Beach 2018 :) These beautiful pics were taken for us by Tea Pavisic <3

Spring, spring and 21 months old Vera ;)

17 months old Vera and real January Winter 2018 ;)


Vera`s German Junior Championships - she is first and only one polish breeding hovi, who also lives in Poland, and who owns such championships ;)

Kassel - Vera begins adult German Championship ;)

Vera wins the title Amsterdam Winner 2017 ;)

Vera and Juna on family visit by Vera`s brother - Janssen in Holland ;)

FILM 1    FILM 2    FILM 3    FILM 4    FILM 5

Vera in Kielce wins Best of Breed in comparison with czech and finish champions ;)

Vera on World Show in Leipzig. Movies say all :/



Vera in Poznan - she became Poland Junior Winner, Best Junior and BOS (best from females).

Two shows in Dormund again so lucky for Vera, first day she became HerbstJugendSiegerin, and second day German Junior Winner (BundesJugendSiegerin) and Best Junior!

Vistula beach 2017 :)

European Dog Show Kiev 2017 and Vera showed herself again very nice, she became FCI European Junior Winner, Best Junior and BOS (the best of all females) :)

Vera on shows in Bremen: 2 x first place (in competition of 3 and 2 females), two cups and Best Junior diploma :)

Another great success for Vera! The biggest Hovawart Club Show in Europe "Tervakoski" Finland, 259 dogs, in junior class 24 females and the best of them was our Vera!! According to the judge Bojana Razpotnik "perfect dog, faultless, and this movement ..."

Vera`s photo session end of June (10,5 months) ;))

Vera on obedience training ;)) Pictures by the courtesy of Psia Szkoła.

Vera 10 months ;))

First big success for Vera, what`s more - at the age of 9 months and a week ;)) Vera became VDH Junior European Winner and Best Junior in Dortmund! As the only one she received "excellent" and wonderful description ;)
Sabine Jacobs:"9-months old, black and tan female, middle-big and middle-strong with matching head, correct ears, medium brown eyes, full dentition with scissor bite, straight, strong back, correct tail, correct angles with excellent leg movement, dark brack of correct structure, medium-long hair, full, well-placed middleblond tans, lighted on the throat and chest, friendly and confident in the ring."

Walk with P litter and exercises with young handler ;))

Beautiful photo session of 7 months old Vera made by Majka ;))

Vercia`s ways of sleeping and six-month-old Verka ;))

Vera is growing and growing, so big she is in January 2017 ;))

Vera`s December 2016, winter one and less winter ;))

Vera - 16 weeks, beautiful autumn session thanks to Tea <3

Sisters Riva and Vera meeting after 2 months of not seeing proceeded quite nice ;)))

Young lady learns professional handling, and here's just the thing, because they give to eaaaat, and this is what tigers like most :))

There happen such beautiful moments, when I'm finally tired, but even then I like company :)

I am 3 months old, still I love to play with young lady and I do not give to live my mother and sister Luka ;)

I come from bige family and I learn to guard and to pose ;)

Vera 10 weeks - a day without playing with mum Vegas and young lady is a wasted day :)

My first two months, so I grew up and had fun, nobody expected it will be such a hooligan out of me ;))