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Hovawart - what is he like?

Hovawart is powerful medium sized guard and defensive dog, of versatile usage. In Germany and Switzerland, sometimes used as a tracking and rescue dog to search for people buried under rubble or avalanche, in France as a guide for blind people. However, every day he is a typical family dog, meeting all the requirements of a watch, defend or sport dog.

He is a dog with a balanced character, of medium temperament and an unusual desire to cooperate with a human being. He is lively, cheerful and friendly. He is not a lazy dog, he reacts briskly to the surroundings and is interested in everything around him. A well-run puppy does not cause major educational problems. He has no tendency to vagrancy, he is above all a watchful guardian of his area and is devoted to this task fully. He's brave dog, with strong personality and strong-minded character. He does not get into fights with other dogs, he never attacks or provokes to fight, however when he is attacked, he defends itself very effectively and can be dangerous then. He is never aggressive without reason, uses his strength and teeth only in the last resort, when he can not see any other way out, and when the threat of peace of his guarded area, its owners or himself was seriously violated..

He easily recognizes friends and acquaintances and welcomes them as his owner, but for intruders he can be very dangerous. He loves to work with his leader, learns very quickly and it is seen, it gives him pleasure. When performing commands, he is not maybe as fast as a German or Belgian sheepherd, but he is much more accurate and precise. His every move has well-thought strategy. He is not suitable for forced training, with force or violence will get you nowhere, but a lot of heart and warm words will make miracles here. He learns very quickly and wants to do it, every moment spent with owner on playing is a great joy for him and thus strengthens the bond between him and his owner. He is very intelligent and has a good memory, he quickly associates facts. At the training he needs a lot of patience and a strong motivator.

He has a strong and determined character, often dominant, especially by males. Therefore, from the very first moment of staying in a new family, he will want to subordinate it and take the most convenient position for himself. You must not allow it! He is a sizable dog, very strong and when he is at home at the top of the hierarchy, he will rule according to his guidelines. Therefore, it requires firm and consistent leading from the first puppy days. He matures late, usually not until 3-4 years.