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About Luka | Born: 09.05.2014



  • Hip - dysplasia: HD A (0/0)

  • Elbows: ED 0/0

  • Eyes: free from genetic eyes diseases

  • Heart: free from genetic heart diseases

  • DM (Laboklin): tested

  • Mentality tests: passed (PL)


  • Interchampion C.I.E. FCI

  • Lithuania Champion

  • Poland Champion

  • Poland Junior Champion

  • PL Club Junior Winner 2015 & Best Junior

  • Frühjahrsjugendsieger - Dortmund 2015

  • 4 x CACIB (Eindhoven`16, Warszawa`16, Lublin`16, Satu Mare`17)

  • CAC (NL), CAC (LT), CAC (RO)

  • 4 x CWC

  • 4 x Junior Winner

  • 2 x Best Junior

  • 2 x BOB

  • Crufts Quali

Luka - my black fortune, carefully waited, dreamt, daughter of Vegas and black Fargo of German-Swedish origin. From the beginning she was unusual. Already as a teenager she is big, strong, with beautiful head, perfect backline and wonderful movement, and of course pitch-black :)) Of small dominant nature, very confident, she takes everything stoically, very leaping, especially when it goes about kisses ;) We'll see what the future brings us ;)

Luka grew into a big, very strong female with beautiful head, great movement and coat. She quickly finished junior and adult Polish Championship, she closed the International Championship before the age of three.

In year 2015 and 2016 she passed all health tests and in May 2016 we welcomed her first litter :) From this litter we have 3 great champions and interchampions, including a dog that wins the largest shows in Europe.

Luka's second litter was born in year 2017, from this litter we have Junior European Winner ;) The third litter was born in year 2019 and we are waiting for its development. Luka turned out to be a great mother and an excellent breeding female.

Most importantly, all of Luka's puppies are healthy and of very good mentality. 4 dogs have been used so far in breeding.