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Hovawart is a rather healthy breed. Nevertheless, there happen diseases, often serious, so it is better to know about their appearance possibility than to know nothing ...

It's easy to write - healthy breed, but not by all breeds it is so obvious. The most important duties of the pure breeds breeders organizations include caring for the health of their dogs, because not only sick animals suffer, but their owners suffer with them. The following diseases are found in the Hovawart breed and recorded in countries with vigorously acting clubs, where everything is under control and information is freely available. These diseases are:

1) Hip dysplasia (HD)

2) Hypothyroidism

3) Livershunt (portasystemic shunt, developmental anomaly, in which blood bypasses the liver, disease ending with death)

4) Heart defects, Aortenstenose type (aortic stenosis - SAS) and Pulmonalstenose (stenosis of the pulmonary artery - PS)

5) OCD (osteochondritis dissecans) and ED (Elbow Dysplasia)

6) Any other diseases of the skeletal system (Radius curvus etc.)

7) Cataract and other eye diseases (entropium, ektropium)

8) Stomach extension and torsion

9) Cancers

9) Sebadenitis (Sebaceous adenitis) - SA

10) DM (degenerative myelopathy)