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About Kira | Born: 22.05.2014



  • Hip - dysplasia: HD A (0/0)

  • Elbows: ED 0/0

  • Eyes: free from genetic eyes diseases

  • Heart: free from genetic heart diseases

  • DM (Laboklin): tested

  • Mentality tests: passed (PL)


  • Interchampion C.I.E. FCI

  • Lithuania Champion

  • Poland Champion

  • Poland Junior Champion

  • Amsterdam Winner 2015

  • PL Club Winner & BOB 2015

  • 4 x CACIB (Amsterdam`15, Łódź`16, Białystok`16, Satu Mare`17)

  • R.CACIB (Amsterdam`15)

  • CAC, R.CAC (NL), CAC (LT), CAC (RO)

  • 5 x CWC

  • 3 x Junior Winner

  • 2 x Best Junior

  • 5 x BOB

  • 2 x Crufts Quali (Warszawa`15, Amsterdam`15)

Kira - crazy dog happiness in black and tan like her parents Maggy and german Hobo. Medium size, strong, with still changing head, beautiful movement, with lots of fur and gold marks. Of real nut dog nature, dog - cat that everywhere and on everything climbs, still holds toys in the mouth and gives kisses. The true scatterbrain. What the future brings us, we will see... ;)

Kira grew into a medium-sized, strong female with excellent angulations and tail, wonderful movement and coat. She quickly finished junior and adult Polish Championship, she closed the International Championship before the age of three. In year 2015 she became the Polish Club and Best of Breed Winner and Amsterdam Winner / Netherlands Winner.

In year 2015 and 2016 she passed all health tests and in February 2017 we welcomed her first litter :) Unfortunately, the delivery was difficult and some puppies did not survive. We have 2 champions from this litter, including a female who already in juniors was winning with adult champions ;))

Kira's second litter was born in 2018, puppies have traveled all over the world, to six countries. 4 show up and we have 4 champions ;)

The next litter of Kira is expected in year 2020. Kira turned out to be a great mother and an excellent breeding female.

Most importantly, all of Kira's puppies are healthy and of very good mentality.