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Juna`s Gallery

As it is known, Juna does not like dog shows, so we are slowly finishing ... International Dog Show Lubin 2020, 12 hovis, judge professor A.Kazmierski: Juna showed herself beautifully, she won all comparisons and became Best of Breed :) Mr. judge - known in Europe dog`s anatomy specialist, appreciated her wonderful movement, excellent angulations and tail. Juna finished Interchampionship! We are proud!

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Visiting the family, i.e. at Riva and Naya in Slovenia ;) Tea took us again beautiful photos, and the dogs had great fun in the nearby stream ;)

Holidays in Croatia with Luka and Juna :) Pictures from the phone and actually there was no time to do more of them ;)

August 2019: J & J big love ;)

How are hovawarts playing? Rough and loud ;))) Half sisters Juna and Sherie surely deserve each other!

FILM 1    FILM 2    FILM 3    FILM 4

Juna is also a grateful model, almost spring session March 2019 ;)

National show Radom - Juna finishes Polish adult Championship ;)

J & J they completed the course with distinction and praise ;)

International Show Kielce - Juna wins her first CACIB ;)

True love of J & J ;) They learn both ;))

First day in school for our J & J ;)

14 months old Juna ;)

Beach 2018 :) These beautiful pics were taken for us by Tea Pavisic <3

Spring, spring and one year-old Juna ;)

First time show in junior class and meeting with Keeper :)

9 months old Juna and real January Winter 2018 :)

Vera and Juna on family visit by Vera`s brother - Janssen in Holland ;)

FILM 1    FILM 2    FILM 3    FILM 4    FILM 5

Juna on the World Show in Leipzig.

Juna is 5,5 months old, we are practising for World Show in Leipzig :)

Juna "helps" in raising R litter ;)

Time goes by, and sleeping technique is still the same :)

Molloss Club Show - Juna`s first show :) Juna defeated 3 other older pups and became Best Minor Puppy ;))) Judge Kirsten Wesche.

Juna - 3,5 months, we`re practising handling :)

Juna - 3 months.

Sleeping Beauty and her positions ;))

Playing with Vera ;))

Excursion to the city, railway station and to Kennel Club ;))

Juna is training for the football World Championship and for battles with bottles ;))



Aunt Majka took me one million of beautiful pictures (I have 10-11 weeks) ;))

My most beloved aunt Majka, I love to bite her ;))

The whole nature of Juna ;))


My first two months, so I grew up and had fun, it was known at once that I`m a black devil ;))