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Interchampion CIE, Slovenia Champion, Croatia Champion, Slovenia Grand Champion, Croatia Grand Champion, Austrian Junior Champion, Slovenia Junior Champion, Croatia Junior Champion, Alpenjugendsiegerin, Slovenia Club Junior Winner & Best Junior, Zagreb Winner, 10 x Junior Winner, 9 x Best Junior, 18 x CAC, 9 x CACIB, 6 x R.CACIB, 12 x BOB, 3 x BOS, Best Puppy, B-BH, NZB, ZTP (SLO), HD A, ED 0/0 (unofficially), free from genetic eyes and heart diseases, DM N/N

Enormous Ocean Breeze

lives in Novo mesto, Slovenia; Kennel EX HORTO ALBO

Riva at the age of 6,5 and 8 weeks

Riva in new home

Riva & Naya (Surprise Surprise)

Riva & Leelah (Make a Wish)


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