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The most important aspect for us in breeding is origin, health and mentality. Be sure to read this!

Each from our litters is put to professional puppy tests for hovawarts.

This spring we expect two interesting litters, not related to each other:
1) V litter (father of German origin) born on 28.02.20 with all 3 colors - all pups reserved;
2) W litter (father of Finnish-Swedish-German origin) born on 12.03.20, black&gold puppies - show class female available.
Please visit their subpages ;)



Already now we are taking initial reservations. If you are seriously interested in puppy from our kennel, we would be grateful for earlier contact.

If you would like to have a puppy from our kennel, please read this necessarily...


Look how we rear our pups. Look at our litters in table.

If you have any questions - just WRITE or CALL me! | | Mob: +48 609 612 555