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How it all started...

Hovawarts have been in my life since year 1994, my first litter was born in year 2006, which is more than 10 years ago. For a long time I have matured to be true breeder, and not just a producer. All my starting dogs were imported, at the moment I have two unrelated breeding lines, based on foreign pedigrees. My females I always breed abroad, I try to use dogs from different countries to expand the gene pool. From the very beginning my breeding has been recognized by foreign breeders, many of my puppies are traveling to other kennels. I am very proud of it :) From the beginning, I stick to my decision that each of my puppies will be examined for hips and often elbows dysplasia. I am the only breeder in Poland who has tested all the litters and who has not had dysplasia so far. Thanks to this I can say, because I have proof that I breed physically healthy dogs. Many of my dogs have significant show successes, and as the only breeding in Poland, we have regular winnings at european, world and club exhibitions in various countries. Most importantly, it is not one dog who wins many shows, but a dozen from different litters, which confirms the high quality of our pupils. Our dogs also positively pass training exams if only their owners give them such a chance. The female from my kennel was the only one in Poland who was winning the agility competitions in the top class LA3.

My Experience

In year 2010 I passed the exam for judge assistant and began judge`s work experience, which I finished in year 2014. In year 2015 I passed 4 judge exams and since year 2016 I am FCI judge for Molossoid breeds - mountain type and Swiss Mountain and Cattledogs.

My profile on official judge list of Polish Kennel Club.

In year 2017 I received Polish Kennel Club honorary badge for breeding achievements: covering letter and honorary badge.

From almost 25 years I keep the breeding data base of polish Hovawarts, where already over 2400 dogs can be found! Each new info about new Hovis is always much welcomed ;-) In year 2014 I published polish first complete Stud Book for all Hovawarts born in years 1988-2014 and for imported dogs since year 1985.

I`m the author of almost all breed descriptions in polish dogs-oriented websites. Also my Standard translation is used on many pages.

Dogs are my passion, and Hovawarts are my big love. Hovi is an ideal dog, everyone who had him once, will never change it for another breed. This big love to Hovawarts transformed one day into the fight for their quality in Poland. Hovawart became lately and still is trendy. I don't like this word. No trend comes for good, where as example dobermans and rottweilers can be. Hovawart to breed started people who did it only for money, possesing no knowledge or good base dogs, they have begun mass production of dogs incorrect to standard especially in respect of mentality. Through the thousands of years human was creating different dog breeds, in order to they served particular purpose and given type of species "dog" had to demonstrate most of all appropriate behaviour and mentality not only an appearance. Biggest harm to the breed do kennels without breeding idea, on the basis of "female must have puppies", which combine random dogs, most often breeding with friend`s male, not taking into consideration pedigrees and diseases in both lines, often duplicating them... Extreme irresponsibility is conscious combining such animals, and later telling owners of sick puppies from such matings that it is their fault. The same applies to the mentality. Reproduction of unsteady animals, often aggressive out of fear, but so-called Champions is unfortunately the present reality. Such dogs are very troublesome in their everyday life for their owners, precisely because of their bad character and improper mentality. So what they are beautiful... The superior idea of breeding should be care for health and mentality, not reproduction for the very reproduction of a friend's dog. This thread I will continue more in the "Good to know" section.

Hovis are in my life since year 1994. I have always wanted to have a big dog, impressive, good for training and furry. My dreams came true after we moved to house with garden where soon after appeared Aggy. Dog one in a million, amazing personality and beauty. My experience with shows and the training of my dogs, began out of pure curiosity (I didn`t buy dog for that purpose), when some "kindly" activists from Kennel Club said that Aggy is an average specimen. So average that everyone looked back at him on the street to admire his beauty. Next years proved that Aggy is dog one in a million and there will be no such one like him. After 4,5 year appeared in my home Conny, first black Hovawart male in Poland. Dog with uncommon character and mentality, example of Hovawart, I aspire in my breeding activities. After next 4 years came Dottir - Aggy's daughter, amazing fizgig and very energetic female. In year 2007 came to me next male, "almost" black and tan Steamy, import from Great Britain of german-finish pedigree. Already adult Maggy joined the herd in year 2008, female of charming nature, excellent origin and great exteriour. Thanks to her we had litters of pure german pedigree. From first Maggy's litter, dreamt, because with Conny, stayed with us, 8 long years awaited - Vegas, true daughter of her father and a star of calibre her grandmother, in honour to which she got the name ;-) Vegas is my dreams fulfillment and I already know, she won`t let me down (I was lucky again ;-)) As if it was not enough, from Dottir's second litter stayed Madra. She's incredible, totally different from her ingratiating mother. Madra is dominant, stubborn, uncommonly self confident and independent. Madra is like a tank, her show career stands in front of her, when she grows up, she'll be amazing female ;-)
When I was writing it, it was year 2010, a few years passed, almost all my older dogs left me ;( At the moment (2018) the herd consists of 5 females: the oldest, retired Vegas, her half-sister Kira, two Vegas daughters from scandinavian matings - Luka and Vera, and the youngest Juna - daughter of Madra. Each girl is different, Kira is very similar to her mother, she wants to please everybody, she is submissive, but no difficult situation is a problem for her. Vegas, Luka and Vera are dominant females, of very strong characters and very focused on cooperation with a human being. Juna is an element, great drive and temperament, she could be in motion 24 hours a day ;)

My breeding principles

Man learns all his life ... When I was starting my adventure with cynology I knew almost nothing. Now, after 25 years I still don`t know much more and keep learning. Meantime I've made many mistakes which I regret till now. I`ve taken many decisions just "on feeling" and this feeling almost never let me down (in that way came to me Conny and in year 1998 I knew about german Hovawarts almost nothing, till now I can't believe that with such secularity I was able to immigrate so outstanding dog ;-)). At the beginning I was surrounded by the people who in their cynological-breeding activity followed only with shows and dog`s beauty. From them I always heard that my Aggy should have as more offspring as it is possible because he is such an incredible example of breed. But as I mentioned, man learns on his own mistakes, if I had on the beginning my cynological activity such knowledge, as I have now, surely Aggy would habe been differently used in breeding. Unfortunately it is impossible to change, and "fool`s luck" is the fact that Aggy has mostly successful offspring all over the Europe. From the time Conny came to me my breeding attitude started to change. I tried to learn as much as possible, acquire breeding materials (databases, stud books) and listen to and espy foreign, of many years active breeders. My biggest mentor is and will be Conny`s breeder - Eveline Kirchenkamp. Her kennel has just celebrated the 35th anniversary. During this time she have reared many outstanding litters, her dogs are well-known all over the world and you can find them in many pedigrees. Dogs from Ascona are and are parents of many Interchampions, Champions, World, Europe, Club Winners, etc. and they are working dogs often taking parts in contests and championships. But first of all her dogs are healthy, long-lived and breedy. It is Eveline who is the breeder example for me and I would like to know at some day just a little part of that what she knows about Hovawarts. It is a huge pity that she finished the breeding :(

After a lapse of time I started to refuse many breedings in Poland and abroad. The reason of my decision was the fact that many breeders did soft snap, breeding all the time with the same male, inhibiting this way breeding progress. The second reason was gene pool density of polish Hovawarts. Unfortunately my decisions coused me many enemies, because narrow-minded breeders felt offended with their female mating refusal and from that time they have been treated me like an enemy. I'm very sorry that they don`t have any other problems but maybe in few years they will realize that my decisions were right. Thanks to my stubbornness, I actually "made" polish breeders to breed their females abroad, especially in Germany. Their decisions are not always smart but man learns on his own mistakes (although wise man learns on somebody`s ;-))). I also hope that these breeders who I promoted and who decided to take their own breeding decisions without having knowledge about west dogs, their pedigrees, lines, etc. won`t waste my labour put in particular kennelnames high quality fixation, what I wish them with all my heart.

Exactly, during last few years I contributed to uprising of many new, ambitious kennels. I hope that thanks to them, the quality of polish Hovawart will strongly go up ;-)))

Before I decided to breed Hovawarts, I observed Hovawart breeding in Germany for many years. In the 90s of the last century, the selection of the native breed in Germany was very severe and any symptoms incompatible with the breed standard were immediately eliminated, so to have a breeding dog, he had to be completely free of dysplasia (acceptable result only HD A1 and A2), he had to pass many character tests and for a time there was a regulation that at least one of the puppies' parents must have had defense training. Unfortunately, in the course of years, the entire breeding regulations of german clubs have been devalued. At the moment, B1 and B2 dysplasia results are acceptable, mental tests are illogical for me and many other breeders, and the care for the exterior has long been forgotten. Hardly any dog is trained in defense. As a judge, I am observing with concern that even dogs with numerous anatomical defects are promoted in breeding. In the past the best hovawarts were in Germany, whether it is so now, I'm afraid not. For sure, Germany still has the largest populations of the breed and there are a lot of mentally good dogs, but there are also a lot of weak ones.

My main goal in the propagation of the Hovawart breed is above all, to pay as much attention to its health and mentality, and only at the end to the exterior. Hovis are not typical show dogs, it is primarily a working breed and they feel best when they have some "mission" to fulfill ;-) I do not think I need to write about health, because this is the most important issue. Of course, there are no perfect dogs or perfect lines. There are also no lines without diseases, because it is statistically impossible. The question is to have knowledge of which pedigrees can be combined to obtain the safest possible offspring in terms of health, so as not to duplicate the same diseases in the lines.

It is difficult for me to accept the fact that in Poland are breeded consciously dogs encumbered with genetic diseases. There are no perfectly healthy lines, but combining two dogs encumbered with the same diseases is extremely irresponsible, especially if you do it consciously :/ Mentality is the second priority after health In breeding, I`m interested only in exceptionally mentally fit dogs, for which training is the best amusement and not a necessary duty. Dogs with passion, character, brave and self-confident, are the attributes I`m looking for. In breeding, I never go by the dog`s appearance, especially based on a photo. It is not important. Very often quite poor exterior dogs give outstanding exhibition progeny and vice versa. Knowledge is the most important thing in breeding. Knowledge of pedigrees, origins and lines of the dogs. Only thanks to this knowledge we are able to plan wisely the dogs` combinations, so they cause their new owners only pleasure, and not worries. I have a fairly pejorative attitude to inbreeding. I avoid this, at least in the first 4-5 generations. Hovawart is not a breed for inbreeding, some people do not know about it or do not want to know it, taking the path of least resistance. The variety of the genepool is the basis of healthy breeding.

In my pups rearing I will go by with german rules, because I think, german breeders do a real great job and their twerps are physically and first of all mentality cared. Socialising base is permanent contact with people and other dogs. Pups will be born and spend their first life weeks at home, and from their 3-4 week, weather depending, they will also stay some hours outside in the garden, to explore surrounding them world and catch the sun ;-) In garden (or at home, season depending), pups will have prepared puppy play ground, on german pattern. At their 7-8 week they will get to know with car drive, that the long way to new homes wasn`t too big stress for them. During full 8 weeks pups will have daily contact with small child. To new families puppies go after their 8th week. They will be fed only with highest quality food. They will be vacinated and three times dewormed of course. By collection provided with pedigree, passport, chip, mentality tests, pups layette and "puppy directions for use".

What I expect from my pups buyers: first of all love, patience and consequence ;-) I wish to keep regular contact with new families of my pups. Active persons are welcomed, who have time for walks with dog and his training. Houses with gardens are not required but welcomed ;-) I expect from future owners that after 18 months of pups life they will x-ray them for HD and when it is possible, they will come for litter meeting. I hope, my requirements are not too unreasonable, after all I give You my nursed darlings and would like that both You and they are always happy and satisfied with your common live ;-) I am and always will be at Your disposal in case you have any questions or problems.

At the moment breeding active are my four females, whereof two are young females, who only will go into the breeding program. What new is, there is Aggy`s and Conny`s semen frozen for future ;-) All that means that in my kennel will be born 1-2 litters a year depending on girls` heats. I plan that each female has usually 1,5 year long break after pups for regeneration. I`m not anxious on quantity but on quality. Litters are carefully considered and long before planned. Sometimes next to my litters in section "Puppies" you will find also matings from daughters and granddaughters of dogs from my kennel. These are matings which I usually conduced ;-) I match dogs always with long, earlier consideration, analyzing pedigrees, lines, databases, also HD and mentality tests results. Only dogs who fulfill all these savage requirements win my recognition ;-) Obvious is that parents of pups which I recommend, are healthy, HD free and have correct, working mentality. These rules obeying, I`ll be fair to you, future members of our Hovis family!

On my website I will try to show you the real, correct image of the Hovawart, not only in Poland, but above all in Germany. Thanks to my dogs it still increases the circle of my Hovi friends around the whole world. I try to be at least several times a year in Germany. Only there I`m able to learn new trends, meet my friends and just talk with people from all over Europe about our Hovawarts. Besides, where from to take example as not from breed homeland? I regret to say that our polish Hovawarts from total czech lines, strong inbreeded thereto, significantly differ from german dogs. By us are still trendy heavy, fat Hovis, with rottweiler- or mastiff-similar head, often bad coloured (especially recently) and very feeble in move. A lot of Polish dogs have serious ear defects and horrendous angulations at the moment, which again affects the movement… For me Hovawart has to be first of all elegant, with beautiful head, straight, strong back and efficient movement, and what it follows of excellent angulations. So kind of dogs are few, that`s why I`m seldom charmed with any dog. Next important aspect is colour. Blond Hovawart should be blond (of excellent colour is Aggy), not white or red (these are disqualifying faults), with obligatory lightings on shoulders and with toned colour, which lights up below. Black Hovawart has to be black, not brown or grey. Most problems are with black and tan Hovawarts. Standard clearly says, in what places marks should be. Their lack or surplus is fault, size depending, even disqualifying. Tan colour should be medium-blond, not white or red. Correct coloured Hovis you will find in section "Hovawarts in Europe". There are more and more badly colored hovawarts in Poland, who, due to breeders ignorance, are sold to buyers as so-called show dogs and future champions. Judges who are not specializing in hovawarts, unfortunately do not pay attention to the color and indeed these dogs sometimes even win titles and championships. It`s unimaginable in european countries that dogs with disqualifying faults were champions. Unfortunately, as long as Polish breeders do not get to know exactly the breed standard and start breeding honestly, its level will go down every year 9 Big white marks on chest and arrows on head and nose are also faults. On page "Good to know" there is a full description of the faults of the hovawart exterior.

In years 2003-2005, I organized some meetings for Hovawarts from all over the Poland, in order to discuss and develop specialized mentality tests only for Hovawarts in conjunction with judges abroad and on the end of summer I organized training week for Hovawarts with participation of foreign trainer, who specializes himself in our breed. Such meetings also have a social task - the integration of all Hovawart owners ;-)

Since the year 2004 I carry out professional puppy tests for Hovawarts, for each breeder, who is interested in his pups. Such test is a grate thing, because it gives the view of the whole litter and of each pup. Already in the 8th week you can ascertain which pup is a dominant one and which not, which is of full energy and which is rather calm, which is suitable for sport training and which one fulfils better as family dog. Thanks to tests it`s simplier to match the dog to his future owner.

If someone would like to talk about Hovis or get any advice in Hovawart subject, I sincerely invite to section Contact. It`s only the pleasure for me to meet new Hovi-fans ;-)

And here I am with my pack!