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About Juna | Born: 19.04.2017


  • Hip - dysplasia: HD A (0/0)

  • Elbows: ED 0/0

  • Eyes: soon

  • Heart: soon

  • DM (Laboklin): tested

  • Mentality tests: passed (PL)


  • Poland Champion

  • Poland Junior Champion

  • 3 x Junior Winner

  • 3 x Best Junior

  • 3 x CWC

  • 3 x CACIB (Kielce, Posusje, Trivignano Udinese

  • 3 x BOB

  • 1 x BOS

  • Club Best Minor Puppy 2017

Juna - our black devil :) She had a sad childhood, once she was an only child and two unhappily orphaned :( Actually fed and raised completely by me. I expected after the pedigree she is going to be a small motorboat, but the reality was of course beyond expectations ;) Juńcia is full of beans, chasing and catching everything that moves or hangs, whether it is a leaf or a flying bird, or unfortunately hanging laundry ;) Energy she has for 3 dogs, can run forever, good she has with whom ;) For now we learn obedience and play much ;)

From exteriour she is well-proportioned female with very nice anatomy, we will see how she grows up. On the first show - Moloss Club Show she became the Best Minor Puppy (among 4 puppies).

Juna's pedigree from the father's side is german best working lines, after her mother has come a great temperament and madness in the eyes ;) Our common adventure looks like to be certainly not boring ;))