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30.06.2019 In Stróż Rodziny kennel (FCI) were born today 9 puppies in 2 colors, 5 boys and 4 girls, whose father is Enormous Mister Boss! They are our double grandchildren, because mother became Enormous Kuda Idiosz ;)) Congratulations!

30.06.2019 International Show Rogla (Slovenia): Enormous Ocean Breeze won again all comparisons and became Best of Breed! Congratulations!

23.06.2019 Thanks to our irreplaceable Tea Enormous Only the Lonely - Janssen has a wonderful and amazing photo session, 86 pictures! We invite his fans to check it ;)

22.06.2019 Enormous Surprise Surprise passed today her first obedience exam IPS A with excellent grade and 98/100 points! Very proud! Congratulations!

21.06.2019 In Akwamaryn kennel (FCI) were born today 11 puppies in 3 colors, 4 boys and 7 girls, whose father is Enormous Mister Boss! This is his first football team ;)) Congratulations!

16.06.2019 FCI European Show Wels (Austria): to our great surprise (and fury of compatriots) Vera won the open class exc.1/6 CAC, the rest of ours as predicted: Second Luck 4 in the juniors, Ring Leader 3 in the intermediate, Girl for Kleion without placement in the open. As all know, we don`t follow specific judges ;)))

16.06.2019 Happy Birthday "L" Litter due to fourth anniversary!

14.06.2019 Austrian Winner Show Wels (Austria): Enormous Ring Leader and Enormous Girl for Kleion win their classes. Congrats!

11-12.06.2019 Two International Shows Komarom (Hungary): Enormous Ocean Breeze like a bomb on both shows was Best of Breed, she also got Crufts Quali and 2 x CACIB, and she was the only one with note excellent from anatomist judge from Norway! Very very proud! Congratulations!

08.06.2019 International Show Umag (Croatia): Enormous Ocean Breeze won all comparisons and became Best of Breed! Thus, Riva as the third pup from O litter became Interchampion ;))) Very very proud! Congratulations!

07.06.2019 Happy Birthday "D" Litter due to ninth anniversary!

02.06.2019 National Show Kalisz (Poland): Enormous No Regrets finishes on his third show adult Poland Championship and studs requirements. Congrats!

01.06.2019 In the 8th week of our T - lis we made the third car drive and a trip to the Vistula ;) The puppies are ready to leave the kennel. Next week is saying goodbye ... We will miss you, but we know that you have wonderful new families!

01.06.2019 National Show Kalisz (Poland): first appearance in intermediate class and first CWC cert for Enormous Rock My World. Congrats!

29.05.2019 Two new displasia examination results: Enormous Run To You - HD A, ED 0/0; Enormous Russian Roulette - HD A! Congrats!

26.05.2019 National Show Hrusica (Slovenia): Enormous Surprise Surprise win Best Junior and BOS! Naya finished thus Slovenian Junior Championship! It`s third Champion from S litter ;) Congrats!

25.05.2019 Finally better weather! In the 7th week of our T - lis a lot happened: we were in the meadow, by the vet, there were chips and vaccination, there was litter control and the visit of an older cousin Sherie ;)) There was also a mower and excavator, the little ones were more than happy, that they had so many impressions ;)))

24.05.2019 Happy Birthday "M" Litter due to third anniversary!

22.05.2019 Happy Birthday "K" Litter due to fifth anniversary!

19.05.2019 Enormous Second Luck took part in the NZB - German litter check for puppies in Berlin, where he confirmed what has long been known, what a great dog he is ;)

18.05.2019 In the 6th week of our T - lis the weather, unfortunately, does not spoil us :( We use as much as we can, when it's not raining, we're having fun, we're already touring the entire plot and we are accepting guests ;)

16.05.2019 As it is well known, Enormous Hovis are very international ;))) Today in England was born another litter after Enormous Only the Lonely in Farmwatch kennel. There are 8 babys in black and black and gold colors. Congratulations!

12.05.2019 International Show Łódź (Poland): Enormous No Regrets on his third exhibition, he won today another CAC and R.CACIB. And after the show he passed beautifully mentality tests as the only one from starting hovis! Congratulations!

11.05.2019 In the 5th week our T - lis acquainted themselves with the puppy playground, there was body craze and battery depletion ;)

11.05.2019 International Show Luxembourg: Enormous Only the Lonely was again the best! He won champion class exc.1/2 and comparison, he became Luxembourg Winner and Champion & Best of Breed Winner! Huge congrats!

10.05.2019 Enormous Garish Ghada born today in czech kennel Ghipinaldo FCI her third litter ;) There are 8 pups in black and black&gold colour ;) Congrats!

09.05.2019 Happy Birthday "J" Litter due to fifth anniversary!

05.05.2019 The most beautiful black female in Poland - Enormous Make My Day born today in kennel Anne Top FCI her first litter ;) There are 7 pups, the litter is in all 3 colors, ideally shared, with small blond domination ;) Congrats!

04.05.2019 T litter is 4 weeks ;) They are already small dogs, they spend more time outdoors, eat alone beautifully, have already met the rest of the pack and had their first visit :)

28.04.2019 International Show Opole (Poland): great success of our dogs! Enormous Mister Boss in a beautiful style won CACIB, Best Male, Best of Breed and finished Interchampionship during the year at shows in Germany, Austria and Poland, the only such male in Poland! Enormous Sherie Adjutor - exc.1/3 Junior Winner and Best Junior, finished Junior Champion in 3 exhibitions in a row as a birthday present! Enormous Play with Fire - for the first time in champions and CACIB and BOS! Super, congrats!

28.04.2019 Happy Birthday "S" Litter due to first anniversary!

27.04.2019 Enormous Rock and Roll passed today with flying colors next breeding test in the German club HZD - Verhalten III. Congratulations!

27.04.2019 T - fatties have 3 weeks behind them ;) 2.5 kg have passed a long time ago, they can eat alone, have already tried 3 different dishes and what most important, they know where to handle their needs ;) And they growl, squeal, run and start to fight with each other ;)

21.04.2019 International Show Maribor (Slovenia): Enormous Surprise Surprise wins Best Junior title. Congrats!

20-21.04.2019 Two International Shows Kiev (Ukraine): Enormous Ring Leader became twice Best of Breed. Congrats!

20.04.2019 Our T - dragons are 2 weeks young ;) On the 10-11th day, they opened their eyes and the first fatty reached 2 kg ;))) Our bears are powerful with wide heads, they are already barking, biting and almost running ;)

19.04.2019 Juńcia, e.i. Q litter, our devil incarnate is now 2 years young! Unbelievable ;)

13.04.2019 First week of T - tis is behind us ;) They are amazing gluttons, after 5 days they doubled their weight (instead of 10!), besides of it, they just sleep ;)))

08.04.2019 In dutch kennel van de Papenheuvel was born today 11 pups from our Enormous Only the Lonely. Congrats!

07.04.2019 Special Hovawart Show Barje (Slovenia): our youngster Enormous Surprise Surprise won comparisons and got the Junior Winner and Best Junior title ;) And her judge report is just excellent. Congrats!

07.04.2019 Enormous Stormy Mind passed today his first breeding exam NZB in Holland. According to description his body (anatomy) and behaviour are perfect, he is a friendly, dynamic, curious young dog, his recovery is quick and he loves to play with his owner. We are so much happy and proud, that Joop represents us so well, we congratulate!

06.04.2019 Our T - babys are in the world ;) Strong, healthy and feisty ;) All at the moment reserved.

06.04.2019 Enormous Stormy Mind passed his first training exam OB beg. Congrats!

04.04.2019 Some new photos and videos: Second Luck - Orso, Sherie Adjutor - Sherie (Orso and Sherie really like each other, and what could be better than two hovis? Of course three! They were joined in playing by their half-sister Brownie ;)), Stand By Me - Kusti, Stormy Mind - Joop, Surprise Surprise - Naya :)

30.03.2019 International Show Lahti (Finland): Enormous Girl for Kleion - exc. 1/10, CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed!! 46 hovis! Full results. Congrats!

30.03.2019 International Show Warszawa (Poland): Second Luck - Orso - exc.1/3, Junior Winner, Crufts Quali, Best Junior, new Poland Junior Champion finished in 3 shows in a row! Enormous Sherie Adjutor - exc.1/3, Junior Winner, Crufts Quali! Enormous Over the Moon - CACIB, Best Female, Crufts Quali and BOS ;)) Bravo S litter kids! Congrats!

25.03.2019 Vera`s Interchampionship awarded in an express tempo of 5 weeks from the last exhibition ;-)) My pride is even greater because only her mother Vegas can boast of such a beautiful diploma in Poland, namely certs won in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, from respected allrounders and breed specialists judges.

(6kB)         (8kB)

24.03.2019 National Show Pruszków (Poland): Enormous Sherie Adjutor wins Best Junior and Best of Breed title! In Sherie`s gallery there are new pics and some movies (up from numer 9) ;))

23.03.2019 National Show Zielona Góra (Poland): Enormous Open Minded wins last CWC cert for Poland Champion title. It`s 4th from 4 showed Champion from O litter ;)) Congrats!

20.03.2019 In Vera`s and Juna`s gallery some new pics and movies :)

17.03.2019 International Show Weelde (Belgium): Enormous Only the Lonely exc.1/2 CAC, CACIB, Crufts Quali, Best of Breed and finished Belgium Championship! Bravo Janssen & Guido, you go like a bomb!

10.03.2019 National Show in Radom (Poland): Juna wins Best of Breed and finishes Polish adult Championship :)

27.02.2019 T litter announcement and its subpage are ready in the Puppies section :)

26.02.2019 Enormous Rock and Roll got in Germany hip displasia result HD A2 (G)! We are extremely happy ;) Congrats!

22.02.2019 Today, in Croatian kennel Ameya, our grandchildren were born, namely Luka's grandchildren after her daughter Enormous Make a Wish. There are 8 puppies in blond and black and gold colors ;)) Congratulations!

22.02.2019 At the beginning of April we expect pups from Luka :))) More info soon ;)

21.02.2019 Next results, free from dysplasia: Enormous Rock My World - HD A & ED 0/0, Enormous Ready Set Go - HD A. Congrats!

16.02.2019 Two National Shows in Bydgoszcz (Poland): Enormous Second Luck excellent performance - 2 x Junior Winner, 2 x Best Junior, 1 x Best of Breed. Congrats!

16.02.2019 Dwie Krajowe Wystawy w Bydgoszczy: Enormous Second Luck - 2 x Zwycięzca Młodzieży, 2 x Najlepszy Junior, 1 x Zwycięzca Rasy. Gratulacje!

15.02.2019 Happy Birthday "C" Litter due to tenth anniversary!

13.02.2019 Happy Birthday "I" Litter due to sixth anniversary!

05.02.2019 Happy Birthday "P" Litter due to second anniversary!

03.02.2019 International Show Eindhoven (Holland): Enormous Only the Lonely wins comparison with CACIB and finishes FCI Interchampionship! Congrats!

02-03.02.2019 Luka was on a date in Germany ;)

02.02.2019 National Show Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki (Poland): Enormous Sherie Adjutor debut in juniors with excellent 1 mark, and Enormpus Play with Fire - Best of Breed and finished Poland Championship in 3 shows. Congrats!

23.01.2019 R litter begins to x-ray, thank You my Dears for fulfilling my request :) Enormous Rise and Shine - excellent hip and elbow joints HD A & ED 0/0. Congratulations!

23.01.2019 In Vera`s gallery - her winter session, and by Juna some pics from last training :)

18.01.2019 International Show Lubin (Poland): This time also quite big competition as for Poland, 9 polish dogs, and Vera became Best of Breed and finished Interchampionship ;))) Judge was a very famous breeder and a respected judge Mrs. Carmen Navarro Guisado, the judge paid great attention to anatomy, limbs placement and movement. By Vera she particularly praised the excellent angulation of the front and back. It is a great honor to hear such a compliment from such a judge! Enormous Play with Fire dosk.1 CWC i R.CACIB after Vera, it was a very successful show!

11.01.2019 Maggy three years (2kB) ;-(((

09.01.2019 On the occasion of the 10th B litter birthday we received new photos of our only male Morrus and of his sisters: Blazka, Dream and Najma. And also Vegas had her moment ;)

07.01.2019 Happy Birthday "B" Litter due to tenth anniversary! Still all in full health <3 <3 <3

04.01.2019 As every year, update of hovis statistics for the previous year: statistics of born litters, shows and General statistics. Enjoy reading ;)

30.12.2018 It was possible to do an all S - pups update this year ;) There are lots of new photos and videos: Second Luck - Orso, Stand By Me - Kusti, Stormy Mind - Joop, Sherie Adjutor - Sherie, Simple Wish - Aza,Smooth Criminal - Ivy, Summer Day - Athena, Sun Ray - Nelly, Surprise Surprise - Naya!

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