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25.05.2020 | The second week of X litter went by as calmly on eating and sleeping as the first week, but the babies have already their eyes opened and try to grab themselves and toys :) Weight over 1600 gr, they are real fatties ;))))

24.05.2020 | Happy Birthday "M" Litter due to fourth anniversary!

22.05.2020 | Happy Birthday "K" Litter due to sixth anniversary!

18.05.2020 | The first week of X litter went by as standard on eating and sleeping ;) We have the first kilo on day 6 ;))

14.05.2020 | In German kennel vom Boerdegold, 11 blond and black&gold puppies were born from our Enormous Limited Edition ;) The waiting list for them has 40 people ;)))))) Congratulations!

11.05.2020 | By us like clockwork, X litter is in the world :)) Luczka efficiently gave birth to her black bunch, now we must grow to reach the waiting houses ;)

09.05.2020 | Happy Birthday "J" Litter due to sixth anniversary!

08.05.2020 | V litter presents itself with names and lots of beautiful photos and videos. Thank you my Dears, you are the best!!!

07.05.2020 | Our W - rodents are 8 weeks old :) We were on a trip on the Vistula river, again with Marta and her dogs. The rodents were happy to everyone as always and certainly they were the biggest attraction of the Vistula River areas ;))) The trip to the vet was also successful ;) Time to new homes. You are very much awaited, so we wish you health and a long and happy life my beloved Ws! Good luck!


30.04.2020 | And we are ready wirh seven weeks of W litter :) Socialization procedure in progress - we were in the meadow, the puppies managed it very well, both with car driving and a new place :)

28.04.2020 | Happy Birthday "S" Litter due to second anniversary!

27.04.2020 | Madra three years (2kB) ;-(((

26.04.2020 | Better late than never ;) We are happy to announce that our X litter is on the way :) It was a very quick and short date, but fruitful ;)) Unfortunately, at the moment only reserve list for pups :(

24.04.2020 | V-lis are eight weeks old! The week was very active: we were on a trip on the Vistula river with Marta and her dogs, the puppies welcomed every biker and stroller with great joy :)) We also had a lot of visits, as well as a trip to the vet. From today, the pups leave our home. Happy, long and healthy life my beloved Vs. The first feedback is very positive, good luck My Dears!

23.04.2020 | Sixth week of W litter was full of impressions and visits. The puppies met lots of new people and greeted everyone with teeth in the trouser leg and untying the laces ;)

19.04.2020 | In the Italian kennel dei Guardiani di Corte today was born the litter from our Enormous Only the Lonely: 8 puppies, equally divided in color - 4 black and 4 black and gold :) Congratulations!

19.04.2020 | Juna, e.i. Q litter, our black craziness is 3 years old today! Happy B-day ;)

17.04.2020 | V litter is 7 weeks old ;) We were in the meadow on a walk, the Vs whole days are playing and looking after the small Ws, it's so nice to look at it. We also had several visits of friends and future owners, all puppies were happy with extra hands to bite and stroke :)

16.04.2020 | We have the fifth week of W litter behind us :) Puppies are now all the time together with litter V and get along great and are playing super :)

10.04.2020 | Sixth week of V litter is still endless fun, but already in the company of W litter ;) It`s so nice to see the pups get along so well <3

09.04.2020 | W litter is 4 weeks old :) You can see more and more activity, they fight with each other quite well ;) They met the Vs, it's okay :) Weight much over 3 kg :)

07.04.2019 | Our Polish Mother Juna - Enormous Qui Pro Quo is now officially Interchampion :) We have five Interchampions at home :)))) :))))

(6kB)         (8kB)

06.04.2020 | Happy Birthday "T" Litter due to first anniversary!

03.04.2020 | For our loyal fans a lot of pictures from the fifth week of V-lis ;) But they got crazy in the playground, like self-starters ;)) Tomorrow there will be movies, promise ;)

02.04.2020 | W litter is 3 weeks old :) They weigh over 2300 gr, they learn to eat from bowls, the yard is also done, although the weather is not favorable. They are still sleeping a lot (fortunately) ;))


27.03.2020 | Our Vs turned 4 weeks ;) They weigh over 3 kg ;) They already beautifully run, fight, play, they are true small hovis :)

26.03.2020 | Today W litter is already 2 weeks old ;) Eyes opened, they are walking quite well, starting to play with each other, weight over 1600 gr :)

20.03.2020 | And we have 3 weeks of V litter ;) We weigh over 2200 gr ;) And we learn to eat from bowls, as befitting large dogs ;)) We've been outside several times, the toilet is also doing well for us :)

19.03.2020 | First week of W litter went by monotonously on eating and sleeping ;) The babies have already reached the kilo and are growing before the eyes. They all have beautiful marks, which is quite rare from both dark parents.

13.03.2020 | We know everyone is waiting for an update of our V-is ;) It is already there ;)) The babys have tripled their weight, on the 9th day they started to open their eyes, and now they are moving quite well. Of course, they would still eat, so they are fed from today also with meat :) They have a wonderful pigment and are generally to kiss ;))

12.03.2020 | Our W litter is also already in the world :) Kira gave efficiently birth to 7 beautiful and healthy black and gold puppies. We have this litter also fully promised.

10.03.2020 | Enormous Surprise Surprise successfully passed BGH1 exam. Congrats!

06.03.2020 | Our V litter has just finished its first week ;) Generally it's boring: we eat, sleep, eat, sleep ;)) Mum takes great care of us, so we grow like weeds.


28.02.2020 | We are pleased to announce that our V litter has successfully landed in the world ;)) Juna proved to be a professional, quickly and efficiently gave birth to 8 even, large, over half-kilo puppies in 3 colors (we had our last three-color litter 7.5 years ago ;)))! We are very proud of her and very happy because of such beautiful puppies ;)) Thank you all for keeping your fingers crossed!

26.02.2020 | Second portion of new photos: Trust Me (+ movie), Trick or Treat (+ movies), U Are My Dream, Unchain My Heart (+ movie), Under Cover (+ movies), Under Your Spell (+ movies), U Are My Destiny, Uma Karuna, Uptain Girl (+ movies) ;))

25.02.2020 | New pictures of: Coen Grant, I`m no Angel, Join Me, Let It Be, Open Minded, Penny Lane, Stand By Me, Stormy Mind (+ movie), Surprise Surprise (+ movies) and only the movies of crazy half-sisters' games: Sherie Adjutor & Play with Fire - because our hovis are sociable and they like each other ;))

23.02.2020 | Second International Show in Celje (Slovenia): Enormous Surprise Surprise wins champion class exc. 1/3 and all comparisons and becomes Best of Breed with the title Winter Winner'20. Congrats!

22.02.2020 | International Show in Celje (Slovenia): Enormous Surprise Surprise becomes Best of Breed with CACIB :) Congratulations!

15.02.2020 | Happy Birthday "C" Litter due to eleventh anniversary!

13.02.2020 | Happy Birthday "I" Litter due to seventh anniversary!

06.02.2020 | Our spring promises to be cheerfully and busily ;)) I am pleased to inform that our Kira is expecting another puppies after a 2-year break ;) Their father will be a Swedish-born male with an interesting Finnish-Swedish-German origin. I invite you to check litter W subpage.

05.02.2020 | Happy Birthday "P" Litter due to third anniversary!


28.01.2020 | I am pleased to inform that our youngest Juna is expecting her first puppies ;) Their father is a beautiful blond male - Endy Amijon Star, for whom it will also be the first offspring ;) I invite you to check litter V subpage.

27.01.2020 | In section My judgings there are some new photos and videos. I always have great pleasure in judging beautiful and well-moving dogs ;)

22.01.2020 | Health news today (finally we managed to synchronize the dates ;): Juna free from genetic eye and heart diseases :) And Enormous Smooth Criminal free from dysplasia HD A. Congrats!

19.01.2020 | International Show Celje (Slovenia): Enormous Surprise Surprise ran another CAC, CACIB and Slovenia Winner 2020 title ;) Congratulations!

18.01.2020 | International Show Lubin (POland): Juna as the only black hovawart out of 12 entered, showed herself beautifully, won all comparisons and became the Best Female with CACIB and Best of Breed! Thus, she finished Interchampionship :) Judge Prof. A.Każmierski, a well-known specialist in dog`s anatomy, appreciated her wonderful movement, perfect angulations and tail. We are very proud!
9 months old Enormous True Temptation debuted in junior class with excellent 2/3, the girl must practice handling ;) And we managed to take few photos of her, the spitting image of grandmother Vegas and aunt Vera ;))

16.01.2020 | Puppies from our U litter finally introduce themselves ;) They all settled well in distant countries and make their owners happy ;) Their subpages: Torres, Denver, Fuego, Uranus, Pharaa, Karuna, Anja ;))

11.01.2020 | Maggy four years (2kB) ;-(((

10.01.2020 | Finally! Enormous Miles Verus - free from hips dysplasia HD A. Congrats!

07.01.2020 | Happy Birthday "B" Litter due to eleventh anniversary! Still all in good health <3 <3 <3 Here our beloved Vegas <3

04.01.2020 | As every year, update of Polish hovis statistics for the previous year: statistics of born litters, shows and General statistics. Enjoy the reading ;)