15.12.2015 Sequel story of the dissoluted Hovawart Club in Poland... read more...



13.12.2017 Vera received German Junior Champion diplomas ;) She is first and only one polish breeding hovi, who also lives in Poland, and who owns such championships ;))))))

(6kB)         (8kB)

(6kB)         (8kB)

12.12.2017 Enormous Ocean Breeze: heart examination - free from genetic heart diseases. We are very happy!

10.12.2017 Continuation of our family meetings, this time visiting two boys from the R litter - Rock and Roll & Roller Coaster ;) The boys felt at home great and what a joy it was to meet again. Thank you so much <3

10.12.2017 International Show Kassel (Germany): Vera in intermediate class run out first adult certs for German Champion :)
International Show Voittaja Winner Helsinki (Finland): Enormous Jezibaba`s Hrabina - exc.1/7 CQ and CACIB! Congrats!

09.12.2017 International Show Amsterdam Winner: Vera in intermediate class and in comparison run out exc.1/2, CACIB, Amsterdam Winner and BOS :) And also third Crufts Quali ;)) She has already 3 certs for Holland Champion :) Her brother Enormous Only the Lonely in junior class - Amsterdam Junior Winner & Crufts Quali :) Congrats!
International Show Nordic Winner Helsinki (Finland): Enormous Jezibaba`s Hrabina - exc.2/7 CQ and R.CACIB! Congrats!
Enormous Make a Wish passed today breeding qualification in Croatia! Congrats!

08.12.2017 International Show Holland Cup Amsterdam: Vera in intermediate class and in comparison run out exc.1/2 and CACIB :)

07.12.2017 It is so wonderful to have Enormous family in whole Europe ;) Vera and Juna are spending few superb days by Vera`s brother`s - Janssen guest. Thank you so much <3

02.12.2017 National Show Karlsruhe (Germany): Enormous Peter Pan debuts in junior class, as it is in Germany usual, note very good 1/3. Congrats!

29.11.2017 Happy Birthday "A" Litter due to eleventh anniversary!

26.11.2017 International Show Kielce (Poland): Enormous Over the Moon "Vera" at the age of 15 months and 2 weeks became Best of Breed (exc.1/3, CACIB, BOB)! Enormous Mister Boss - exc.2 in intermediate class, Enormous Play with Fire - Best Junior :) Judge Andrzej Kot. Congrats! On the show there were except us only czech and finish dogs...

26.11.2017 International Show Zagreb (Croatia): Enormous Ocean Breeze - CAC, CACIB, BOS! Congrats!

23.11.2017 Enormous Ocean Breeze - perfect hips HD A! Congrats!

20.11.2017 We make up for pics backlog: all eRis have new pics; litter P: Point of View, Peter Pan, Penny Lane; litter O: Once in a Lifetime, Ocean Breeze; litter M: Make a Wish; litter J: Jazzy, Joy, Join Me; litter I: Imperiale Nuta; litter E: Evening Star; litter C: Caius, Coen Grant; litter A: Abwehr :)

19.11.2017 National Show Pruszków (POland), Vera`s debut in intermediate class, in comparison of 3 females she became Best of Breed :)

12.11.2017 WDS Leipzig - seems the only right thing to write is - no comment :( Poor amount of entries, predictable results, the same judge as always in a German-speaking country, it seems it`s not the thing in World Shows ... For me a great surprise, shy dogs placed high and as always judging only on tails and here seems also on blonds ;) and I like so judging on anatomy... Juna in puppies - very promising 3, I would like to know why, because bevore us there was curled tail and shy female, pity I have no videos. And Vera - movies speak more than all the words: film 1, film 2, film 3, film 4 ;) Maybe someone will send us some pictures. The only positive accent is that the father of R litter - Aik Carpatia Heart became the World Winner :)

07.11.2017 Happy Birthday "G" Litter due to sixth anniversary!

05.11.2017 Better late than never ;) Juna`s site is ready :)

04.11.2017 Enormous Gallant Favorit became Best of Breed on Special Show in Kharkov (Ukraine). Congrats!

29.10.2017 R litter introduce itself ;) 5 puppies live in hauses, where there are or were Hovis ;)

23.10.2017 Enormous Mister Boss - healthy hips HD A and ellbows ED 0/0. Congrats!

22.10.2017 International Show Poznan (Poland): Enormous Let`s Go wins open class and finishes Poland Championship, and Vercia became Best Junior, Poland Junior Winner and BOS (best from females) ;) Vera is now Poland Junior Champion :)

18.10.2017 Enormous Mazu Model - healthy hips HD A. Congrats!

15.10.2017 Bundessieger Show Dortmund, e.i. the title German Winner, 28 hovis and our 3 Enormous hovis: Only the Lonely - exc.2/3, Vera - exc.1/5 German Junior Winner (BundesJugendSiegerin) & Best Junior ;))) Limited Edition - exc.3/7. Judge Antje Jatzak. Vera with 4 certs for Junior Champion became German VDH Junior Champion, and since 2 months she has also fulfilled conditions for German Club Junior Champion ;) We are so proud and happy!

13.10.2017 International Show Herbstsieger Dortmund, 3 Enormous hovis and: Only the Lonely - exc.1/2 Junior Winner & Best Junior ;) Over the Moon, e.i. our Vera - exc.1/2 Junior Winner ;) Limited Edition - exc.1/3 CAC, CACIB, Best Male, Herbstsieger and BOS ;))) Judge Stefan Damer. Thank you so much for presentation and congrats!

10.10.2017 Aggy 12 years (2kB) ;-(((

07-08.10.2017 Dog Shows in Lipica (Slovenia): on Hovawart Club Show Enormous Ocean Breeze became Club Junior Winner and Best Junior ;) Enormous Make a Wish was 3 in intermediate class. On International Show Ocean Breeze became Best Junior and BOS, Make a Wish got R.CACIB. Thus Riva became Slovenia Junior Champion ;)) Congrats!

04.10.2017 Teufel 3 years (2kB) ;-(((

03.10.2017 R litter finished 8 weeks. In our last common week we were on a trip where pups met a lot of runners and cyclists ;) Time to go to new homes, by the end of the week 8 puppies will leave us to enjoy and bite their people ;)) All the Best R-is!

30.09.2017 Enormous Make a Wish - she showed herself today very nice on NZB in Slovenia. Thank you and congrats ;)

29.09.2017 Enormous Make a Wish - HD A! Following country, following healthy hips. Thank you and congrats ;)

26.09.2017 Finally it stopped to rain and 7th week of R-is was very pleasant :) We were on the meadow, we already twice went by the car, we are chipped and vaccinated and whole day we play ;)

19.09.2017 Sixt weeks of R-is is behind us ;) During the rain break we play and fight ;)

12.09.2017 One more overdue session: Vistula beach 2017 :)

12.09.2017 Fifth week of R-is went by under downpours ;( But finally sun came out and we could play on puppy playground ;)

10.09.2017 Took place last year litters review, e.i. NZB. From our team took part: from M litter - Boss, Megi; from N litter - Zulus; from O litter - Dora, Vera; from P litter - Amber, Brownie, Zora. Almost all had nice performance, I`m so happy that our dogs play so nice, please develop this, you`ve seen alone how much fun dogs have with it. Thank You so much for coming and willing. You are just great!

09.09.2017 Moloss Club Show in Warsaw, the last time judged in Poland through specialist judge - Kirsten Wesche. 32 Hovis registered. Our dogs showed themselves very nice and results are: Enormous Let`s Go - exc.1/4 Club Winner and Best of Breed!! (second place in class had his father Docent ;))). Enormous Brilliant Vegas - exc.1/2 Best Veteran and BOS (best from all females). Enormous Qui Pro Quo - show debut v.prom.1/3 Best Minor Puppy (after comparison with male, and she was the youngest from all). Enormous Play with Fire - show debut v.prom.1/1 Best Puppy. Enormous No Regrets - debut in juniors very good 1/1. Enormous Mister Boss and Make My Day - debut in intermediate class, exc.1/2 CWC. Enormous Faro Magnifico - exc.3/5 in champions. Enormous Knock Out - exc.4/5 in champions. Enormous Over the Moon - very good 1/3 in juniors, Open Minded - good 3 (she didn`t want to show her tail). Enormous Finally Mine - exc.2/3 in champions.
My Dears, thank you so very much that you didn`t let me down and you had the courage to come to specialist. It`s so much sad that most of polish breeders wasted this possibility. It was seen who cares about dogs, sad truth ...

09.09.2017 Hovawart Club Show Apeldoorn (Holland): Enormous Only the Lonely excellent 1/9 in junior class, Holland Club Junior Winner and Best Junior! Thereby he finished Holland Junior Championship. Judge Stefan Damer. We swell with pride, huge congrats!

09-10.09.2017 Two International Shows Karlovac (Croatia): Enormous Make a Wish twice CACIB and BOS! Congrats!

08.09.2017 Eddy - Enormous Limited Edition has healthy thyroid and is DM N/N, thereby he became officially stud male in Germany!

08.09.2017 Happy Birthday "H" Litter due to fifth anniversary!

05.09.2017 R-is are another kilogram forward, they are real plumps ;))) Unfortunately it rains all the time and we can`t act up outside as much as we wanted :(

03.09.2017 National Show Velika Gorica (Croatia): Enormous Make a Wish - Best of Breed! Congrats!

02.09.2017 National Show Chorzów (Poland): Enormous Make My Day - Best Junior! Congrats!

01.09.2017 Dottira it`s already a year (2kB) ;-(((

29.08.2017 Our 3 weeks old R-"mites" weight already 2100-2200 gram and know how to eat alone ;)))

29.08.2017 Happy Birthday "E" Litter due to seventh anniversary!

27.08.2017 National Show Trbovlje (Slovenia): Enormous Ocean Breeze won all comparisons and became Best Junior and Best of Breed ;) Congrats!

26.08.2017 We are not afraid of severe judges ;)) European Dog Show Kiev: Vera won junior class and comparison of all females and became FCI European Winner & Best Junior & BOS (e.i. the best of all females) :)) Best of Breed was son of Enormous Gallant Favorit - Ukrainian Black :)

22.08.2017 R-is are 2 weeks old ;) They can already so-so walking and perfectly howl ;)))

19.08.2017 International Show Innsbruck (Austria): Enormous Ocean Breeze - Best Junior. Congrats!

16.08.2017 Enormous Mighty Marvel got training cert "Dog in the city" (similar to polish PT obedience), 95/100 points. Congrats!

15.08.2017 Our R-gluttons are already double so big, thanks to their wonderful mum ;)

13.08.2017 Happy Birthday "O" Litter due to first anniversary!

12.08.2017 Happy Birthday "N" Litter due to first anniversary!

08.08.2017 R litter is already in the worl d;) Luka is Luka, she hastened, apparently it`s too hot to be pregnant longe r;) Fast, easy and pleasant birth. Kids are healthy and equal.

05-06.08.2017 Two shows in Bremen (Germany): Vera brought 2 x first place (in competition of 3 and 2 females), two cups and Best Junior diploma :) Enormous Limited Edition, first day he was 2/5, second day 3/4.

30.07.2017 Small vacation in Finland, you can always count on Enormous family!! Huge thanks to Birgitta for such wonderful hospitality for our whole four ;-)) Vacation ended with biggest Hovawart Club Show in Europe - Tervakoski, 259 dogs, among them 4 Enormous hovis:
Enormous Over the Moon "Vera" follows in her mum's footsteps: excellent 1/24 Finland Club Junior Winner (there is no Best Junior comparison)!!! Judge Bojana Razpotnik. Vera rocked out !!!!!
Enormous Brilliant Vegas "Vegas": excellent 2/17 in veterans! Judge Michael Kunze.
Enormous Jezibaba`s Hrabina "Bina": excellent 4/7 in champions! Judge Michael Kunze.
Enormous Girl for Kleion "Jingo": excellent in open class! Judge Sabine Kerschner.
Enormous Breeder`s group was also shown, as the only one and first one from Poland we showed our dogs there and even were able to win something ;)) I`m extremely proud, that all our dogs were excellent!
Full results: here.


29.07.2017 Enormous Enfant Terrible won championships in obedience IPO part B! Congrats!

29.07.2017 International Show Rotterdam (Holand): Enormous Only the Lonely Best of Breed! Congrats!

29.07.2017 National Show Będzin (Polska): Enormous Make My Day debuts with Best Junior and Best of Breed titles! Congrats!

29.07.2017 Enormous Garish Ghada became second time mum of 9 pups in czech kennel Ghipinaldo. Congratulations!

22.07.2017 Update of Vera`s gallery :)

13.07.2017 Lucinda had new photo session and R litter site is already ready :)

12.07.2017 Happy Birthday "F" Litter due to sixth anniversary!

10.07.2017 Because of this holidays I forgot to introduce our new family member, there's Juna called Juńcia, our stubborn (devil) imp ;))

09.07.2017 International Show Warszawa (Poland): Enormous Mister Boss won Best Junior and Crufts Quali and finished Junior Championship in 3 shows ;)) Vegas won Best Veteran and in comparison BOS, she finished Veteran Championship. And Vera is naked and was second in junior class.

08.07.2017 Enormous Limited Edition passed german breeding exam Körung (HZD). Two-years-old boy and in mentality test - in all situations confident dog. Bravo Heike and Eddy! Huge congrats :)

02.07.2017 National Show Olsztyn (Poland): Vera from junior class wins all comparisons and becomes Best of Breed ;)) Enormous Mister Boss - Junior Winner and BOS. There were 4 hovis.

30.06.2017 Luka is in whelp, we saw small R-is :) It`s vacation time, so litter site will be published soon.

23.06.2017 Enormous Jazzy Black Boy became father for the first time ;) In kennel Polarfact from Estonia were born 8 pups in all 3 colours. We congratulate!

21.06.2017 Only 6 weeks of waiting and here they are - Interchampionship diplomas for Luka and i Kira ;-))

(6kB)         (8kB)

(6kB)         (8kB)

20.06.2017 New beautiful pictures of: Gallant Favorit, Juna Fortunata, Peter Pan, Point of View :)

16.06.2017 Happy Birthday "L" Litter due to second anniversary!
On this occasion, owners of Rolf (Enormous Let`s Go) sent his photos and very nice letter. Thank you, My Dears, after recent events I needed it very much <3

11.06.2017 International Show Klagenfurt (Austria): Enormous Ocean Breeze becomes Junior Winner with Alpenjugendsiegerin title :) Congratulations!

10-11.06.2017 Two International Shows in Minsk (Belarus): Enormous Jezibaba`s Hrabina still in the form, she beated the whole competition and became twice Best of Breed with CACIB. Thus Bina became another Enormous Interchampion! And also the Champion of Belarus, Estonia and Latvia! Congratulations!

08-09.06.2017 Luczka was on a date by wonderful blond boy :) Keep your fingers crossed for R litter ;)))

07.06.2017 Happy Birthday "D" Litter due to seventh anniversary!

06.06.2017 We are back to life thanks to Mr. Jurek from Juna, who tuned my new computer;))) Thank you all who worried about us for concern <3
New pics: Gallant Favorit, Let`s Dance, Let It Be, Open Minded, Perfect Match, Play with Fire, Penny Lane. Thanks!!

03.06.2017 National Show Arnhem (Holland): Enormous Only the Lonely - Junior Winner. Congrats!

03.06.2017 International Show Umag (Croatia): Enormous Ocean Breeze wins Best Junior and Best of Breed, thus she finishes Croatia Junior Championship :) Congrats!
National Show Poltawa (Ukraine): Enormous Mighty Marvel became Best Junior and Best of Breed! Congrats!

27.05.2017 The black series continues... Today unexpectedly Steamy went across rainbow bridge ;((( I`m speechless (2kB)

24.05.2017 Happy Birthday "M" Litter due to first anniversary!

22.05.2017 Happy Birthday "K" Litter due to third anniversary!

21.05.2017 Enormous I am Original passed the exam ZPU1 in the Czech Republic. Congrats!

21.05.2017 Raduno Annuale di Volta Mantovana e.i. Club Show in Italy: Enormous Incantevole Luce - excellent in open class. Congrats!

20-21.05.2017 National Shows Samobor & Velika Gorica (Croatia): Enormous Ocean Breeze wins twice Best Junior and Best of Breed. Congrats!

20.05.2017 What to say much ;) Next Dortmund is ours ;)))) Like mother, like daughter :))) Vera at the age of 9 months and 1 week wins the junior class as the only one with excellent - exc.1/4 and becomes VDH European Junior Winner and Best Junior! Judge Sabine Jacobs. Such a perfect description I have never received in Germany from a breed specialist. Pics and judge report in Vera`s gallery.
We had a small family meeting: in juniors males was shown Vera`s brother - Enormous Only the Lonely, pity, it was his first show and he couldn`t show himself nice yet, what cost us the title ;( In Intermediate class exc.2/4 Enormous Limited Edition, in Champions unfortunately completely out of hair Enormous Keep Smiling without placement. Congrats for all!

20.05.2017 National Show Petrinja (Croatia): Enormous Make a Wish wins Best Junior and Best of Breed, thus she finishes Croatia Junior Championship. Congrats!

14.05.2017 International Show Łódź (Poland): 9 months and 1 day for Vercia, she won junior class exc.1/2 and later comparison with male and became Best Junior ;) By males the Best Male and BOS for Enormous Keep Smiling (exc.1/2 CWC, CACIB, BOS), and everyone beat Vegas who became Best of Breed from Veterans ;)) After the show we had very nice meeting with Enormous No Regrets, e.i. Zulus ;)

09.05.2017 Happy Birthday "J" Litter due to third anniversary!

08.05.2017 Enormous I am Original passed the exam ZZO1 in the Czech Republic. Congrats!

27.04.2017 I don`t even know what to write... My Madrusia, my sun, always happy and joyful ... faded away ;(( Such a misfortune, so fatal accident, unfair and cruel ;(( I miss you so much Drusia.... (2kB)

22-23.04.2017 Two International Shows in Satu Mare (Romania): first day CACIB and Best of Breed for Kira, second one same for Luka. Thereby both girls ended Interchampionship CIE before their third year :)))

17.04.2017 I always enjoy getting information from the children of my dogs and their grandchildren. Unfortunately by virtue of the age, most of them are already behind the rainbow bridge. Thank you all very much who are in contact with me and inform me what is new by them. I also have some up-to-date photos of seniors: Conny`s son - Gościu od Hanyski, Conny`s grandkids - Yukon and Yunga Stella Polaris, Conny`s great grandsons - Pharo and Porter Akwamaryn :))

16.04.2017 Pictures backlog: I am Original, Imperiale Nuta, family meeting with Indigo, and with Jezibaba`s Hrabina, Joy of Ava, Juna, Mister Boss, Marvel, Miles Verus, Make a Wish, Never Give Up, Nomen Omen, On Top, Ocean Breeze.

15.04.2017 Hovawart Special Show Maribor (Slovenia): Enormous Ocean Breeze - Best Puppy, Enormous Make a Wish - exc.3 in juniors. Congratulations!

09.04.2017 National Show in Nowy Dwór (Poland), they were only debuts: Vera was running in puppy class - Best Puppy, Boss (Enormous Mister Boss) was running in juniors - Best Junior and BOS, and Vegas ran in the veterans with my daughter and ran out Best of Breed title ;))

04.04.2017 Finally today update of Vera`s gallery :)

02.04.2017 Enormous Ocean Breeze passed with flying colours in Slovenia first breeding exam NZB! Congrats! Photo album from nzb.

02.04.2017 In the eighth week of P-monsters we drove to the Vistula river, what a fun it was, foreign large area to sniff, puppies bravely visit every corner ;)) But it is time to go to new homes, there will be no longer 11 hovis barking when guarding (yes! our puppies already guard ;))) All the Best by New Families P-babies <3

01-02.04.2017 Two National Shows in Croatia Rovinj und Pula, Enormous Make a Wish gewann: 2 x Junior Winner, 2 x Best Junior, 2 x Best of Breed! Congrats!

26.03.2017 The seventh week of P-dragons is a trip to the meadow, and playing, visits and playing ;))

19.03.2017 Today only short report from sixth week of litter P, thay fight more and more, there will be separate beautiful album ;))
There are already additional photos from the sixth week of our irreplaceable Majka`s composition :))

18-19.03.2017 Two International Shows in Riga (Latvia) and Enormous kennel double success: Enormous Knock Out - 2 x CACIB, BOS, Latvia Champion and finished Interchampionship CIE! Enormous Jezibabas Hrabina - 2 x CACIB, 2 x BOB Best of Breed! Congrats for owners!!

12.03.2017 The fifth week of P - litterare visits (one of families made 1200 km to us ;)) and play ground, e.i. play time, it was fun ;))

05.03.2017 P - blocks are 4 weeks ;)) They went outside, got to know the rest of the pack, are learning well to use the toilet, the fun begins :)

01.03.2017 This is for me the greatest joy when the second Enormous hovis generation in another kennel is dysplasia free ;)) Litter A - Ghipinaldo in the Czech Republic from Enormous Garish Ghada: 8 x HD A!!

26.02.2017 Today P - scruffes endet 3 weeks ;)) It turned out that they cope with self-eating quite well :)

25.02.2017 Today I received Polish Kennel Club honorary badge for breeding achievements ;-))

(6kB)     (28kB)

19.02.2017 P - fatties are 2 weeks, eyes opened, walking attempt completed, barking and growling too :)

18.02.2017 International Show Celje (Slovenia): debut in puppy class of Enormous Ocean Breeze and second performance of Enormous Make a Wish. Riva first place and Best Puppy before Leelah. Congrats!

15.02.2017 Happy Birthday "C" Litter due to eighth anniversary!

13.02.2017 Happy Birthday "I" Litter due to fourth anniversary!

12.02.2017 P litter is ready with one week, such a small mutants they are :)

11.02.2017 National Show Bydgoszcz (Poland) (daytime): Enormous Miles Verus - Best Puppy ;) And on the Night Show I had my debut as judge - 64 dogs molossoid long-haired breeds and Swiss Cattle Dogs. I hope it wasn`t so bad ;))

05.02.2017 On the anniversary of Aggy`s birthday P litter came into the world. Unfortunately, labour was very difficult and dramatic, and not all babies survived it. Kira takes care of her children very nice, already first day the babies gained a lot of weight :)

03.02.2017 News by: Jezibaba's Hrabina, Master of Disaster, Only the Lonely, On Top, Open Minded.

31.01.2017 Vera`s January ;)

24.01.2017 Pictures update: Make a Wish, Never Give Up, Nomen Omen, No Regrets, Only the Lonely, Ocean Breeze.

24.01.2017 Load off the mind, e.i. our first pup estimated by Mr Grüssendorf in Germany - Enormous Limited Edition free from hips displasia HD A2!!!

21.01.2017 National Show Narva (Estonia): Enormous Enfant Terrible became Best of Breed and Estonia Champion. Judge Erwin Deutscher. Congrats!

11.01.2017 Maggula it`s already a year (2kB) ;-(((

07.01.2017 Happy Birthday "B" Litter due to eighth anniversary!

06.01.2017 As every year, update of hovis statistics for the previous year: statistics of born litters, shows and General statistics. Enjoy reading ;)

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