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19.09.2018 Vera has been examined today by specialists with a verdict - excellent eyes and heart, i.e. free from genetic eyes and heart diseases :)

16.09.2018 I guess you can not be more proud ;) Today modestly: Enormous Only the Lonely at the age of 2 years became Netherlands Club Winner and Best of Breed!!! 54 registered hovawarts, 15 in the open class males. Big congratulations!! There are movies and pictures!

15.09.2018 First day of school of Juna and Sherie :)

08.09.2018 Enormous Open Minded passed today mentality tests with flying colours in Poznań, with praise from the judge, that he had not seen such a hovawart for a longer time ;)) Thus, Dorcia is the third female from the O litter, who fulfilled the breeding conditions. Congratulations!

08.09.2018 Happy Birthday "H" Litter due to sixth anniversary!

31.08.2018 We are catching up with huge backlog, new photos of: Erato, Enjoy the Music - Nela, Havana, Hokus, Juna, Make a Wish - Leelah, No Regrets - Zulus, Rin Tin Tin - Rezon (also movies), Ring Leader - Richi, Rise and Shine - Remi, Rock and Roll - Ron (also movies), Rock My World - Rika, Roller Coaster - Arlo (also movies), Run To You - Jever, Russian Roulette - Manita. Thank you, my Dears, for such great care and love for our dogs <3

29.08.2018 Happy Birthday "E" Litter due to eighth anniversary!

26.08.2018 German Winner Show Leipzig, judge Eva Preisinger, the same as in Erfurt and the male line also the same, and the results: Boss - exc.2 in champions ;))))))), and Vera exc.1. CAC, CACIB, Best Female, German Winner, BOS :) I am also shocked :P In Vera`s gallery there are few pics and 2 movies :) As a curiosity, the previous day winner was "very good" ;)))

26.08.2018 National Show Trbovlje (Slovenia): Enormous Ocean Breeze finished afult Slovenia Championship, and Enormous Surprise Surprise had her show debut with Best Puppy title. Congrats!

25.08.2018 International Show Leipzig and changed judge for Messina Schattling, very funny show, man took part in over 500 ones, and still something can surprise him ;)) We have only one interesting movie ;) Our results: Enormous Mister Boss - exc.2 in champions, Vera - exc.1 CAC, R.CACIB in champions.

24.08.2018 In Vera`s gallery there are few movies and pics from our visit in Holland :)

20.08.2018 Update of our wonderful O litter: Dora, Janssen, Jasha, Riva :)

17.08.2018 Better late than never ;) S litter presents itself with lots of photos and videos :))

17.08.2018 Enormous Ocean Breeze is free of genetic eye diseases. Congrats!

14-15.08.2018 Two International Shows in Gradisca d'Isonzo (Italy): Enormous Ocean Breeze wins CACIB and Best of Breed on the first day, and R.CACIB on second day. Congrats!

13.08.2018 Happy Birthday "O" Litter due to second anniversary!

12.08.2018 World Show Amsterdam, fatal organization, total chaos, extremely rude service, express judging, so express that we were unable to take a single photo or film, because in the ring we were one minute! Our results: Enormous Only the Lonely - excellent 1 in intermediate, Juna is still in a show rebellion and well deserved vg because she didn`t want to run at all :( Vera exc.1/5 in intermediate, very strong and significant females line, Vegas - exc.2 in veterans, she`s fat, what todo - an old lady ;)

12.08.2018 Happy Birthday "N" Litter due to second anniversary!

08.08.2018 Happy Birthday "R" Litter due to first anniversary!

05.08.2018 International Show Sopot (Poland): Enormous Perfect Match exc.1 CWC, none of hovis got BOB...

04.08.2018 International Show Sopot (Poland): Our Amber - Enormous Perfect Match is again the best ;) She won comparisons and became Best of Breed with CACIB! We are soooo happy ;))

29.07.2018 Enormous Enfant Terrible passed today UPR3 exam. Congrats!

28.07.2018 Hovawart Club Show - Tervakoski Finland - the biggest one in the world ;) And also this time we have our small success: Enormous Jezibabas Hrabina won champion class in strong competition of 8 females, among them World Winner etc! Enormous Girl for Kleion - excellent in open class. Huge congrats!

24.07.2018 Posed pictures of Juna, Vegas and Vera :)

21.07.2018 International Show Liege (Belgium): Enormous Only the Lonely wins Best of Breed and Golden Winner title in very strong competition. Congrats!

21.07.2018 International Show Częstochowa (Poland): Juna wins first CWC cert in intermedia class ;)

15.07.2018 International Show Gorzów Wlkp. (Poland): Our Amber - Enormous Perfect Match is again the best ;) In junior class, exc.1/3 and Best of Breed, beating adult dogs and champions! Quoting the judge: "this female is a star";))) 7 hovis registered. Congratulations! Amber broke the record by becoming Junior Champion during the week time :)))))

12.07.2018 Happy Birthday "F" Litter due to seventh anniversary!

08.07.2018 National Show Gdynia (Poland): Enormous Perfect Match - in junior class exc.1/2 and Best of Breedy! Judge quoting: "nale is very nice but this female ist just perfect" ;))) 6 hovis registered. Amber had the honor to win with the so-called the best dogs in the world :) Congrats!

08.07.2018 National Show Piotrków Tryb. (Poland): Enormous Rock My World - Best Junior and finished Junior Championship ;) Enormous Open Minded - Best of Breed. Congrats!

07.07.2018 National Show Gdynia (Poland): late debut of Enormous Perfect Match - in junior class exc.1/3 and BOS! 7 hovis registered. Congrats!

05.07.2018 Once but well, so many beautiful pictures at once, thanks to Tea, i.e. beach 2018 ;))

01.07.2018 International Show Genk (Belgium): Enormous Only the Lonely unrivalled, in the competition of 5 hovis, including 2 champions and as the youngest of all he became the Best of Breed!
International Show Rogla (Slovenia): Enormous Ocean Breeze - Best of Breed! Congrats!

30.06.2018 Today mentality tests passed Boss, Vera and Juna ;) And so we have new stud male and new brud female ;)

24.06.2018 In the eighth week S-is had a lot of eventful days, we were on the beach, they had non-stop visits and having fun :) Our time together ends, the little ones from the next day start to travel around the world ;) We wish you healthy life and great fun!

16-17.06.2018 Two shows in Erfurt (Germany). National one, judge M.Kunze: Enormous Mister Boss - exc.1 CAC, Juna - vg1/2 in juniors. International one, judge E.Preisinger: Enormous Mister Boss - exc.1/4, CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed (20 hovis), Juna - vg1 in juniors. Unfortunately Juna had bad days and didn`t want to show nicely :( We are very happy and proud of Boss success in breed origin country!

16-17.06.2018 Two National Shows in Kharkov (Ukraine): Enormous Ring Leader wins comparison and became twice Best of Breed winner. Congrats!

16.06.2018 Verhalten/Körung - Tuttlingen (Germany): Enormous Peter Pan passed with flying colours the junior testing Verhalten III. He also received HD dysplasia test result HD B2 (Grüssendorf), that is, according to the old mark A2 - free of dysplasia. Congratulations!

16.06.2018 In the seventh week S-is had first trip and car drivings :)

16.06.2018 Happy Birthday "L" Litter due to third anniversary!

10.06.2018 National Show Kalisz (Poland): Enormous Rock My World - Best of Breed! Congrats!

09.06.2018 Six weeks S-is is behind us ;) Unfortunately, the heat is still unrelenting, but we are having fun and accepting visits :))

09.06.2018 International Show Klagenfurt (Austria): Enormous Ocean Breeze - exc.1 CAC, R.CACIB and finished Austrian Junior Chamoionship! Congrats!

07.06.2018 Happy Birthday "D" Litter due to eighth anniversary!

03.06.2018 National Show Gostynin (Poland): Juna - for the third time in a row Best Junior and finished Junior Championship, Vera - for the third time in a row Best of Breed and finished adult Polish Championship :)

03.06.2018 International Show Leszno (Poland): Enormous Rock My World - Best Junior, Enormous Open Minded - CAC, R.CACIB. Congratulations!

02.06.2018 Fifth week of S-is it`s of course playground ;) Unfortunately, the heat does not spoil us, so we use it in the morning and evening.

27.05.2018 Steamy one year (2kB) ;-(((

26.05.2018 It went by 4 weeks for S litter ;) It's already small dogs, still hungry, already fighting and growling :) Their half-sister Juna is most fascinated by them, and against the evil of the whole world they are watched by aunt Vegas ;))

26.05.2018 International Show Rzeszów (Poland): Enormous Rise and Shine made her debut with the first place. Congratulations!

24.05.2018 Happy Birthday "M" Litter due to second anniversary!

22.05.2018 Today photos of two blackies: newly qualified Champion - Make My Day and a copy of Conny, certainly one of the most beautiful dogs born in my kennel - On Top.

22.05.2018 Happy Birthday "K" Litter due to fourth anniversary!

20.05.2018 International Show Venray (Holland): Enormous Only the Lonely as the only adult with excellent won Best of Breed :) Congrats!

20.05.2018 National Show Gliwice (Poland): Enormous Make My Day had her day and won Best of Breed and finished Poland Championship :) Congrats!

19.05.2018 Hovawart Club Show in Knízecí Rybník u Tábora in the Czech Republic: our grandchildren are amazing, two daughters of Enormous Garish Ghada - Bohemian Rhapsody Ghipinaldo exc.1/24 Best Junior! Against all Odds Ghipinaldo exc.1/11 and Club Winner, IHF cert and BOS !!! This is Agi's second victory at such big shown. We are extremely proud, because both girls won above all by their movement! Congratulations! Full results.

19-21.05.2018 Three International Shows Szilvásvárad (Hungary): Enormous Make a Wish three times wins Best of Breed and finishes Hungarian Championship :) Congrats!

19.05.2018 S-is finished 3 weeks ;) Big 2,5 kg dumplings eat already alone and start to see the outside world :)

13.05.2018 International Show Łódź (Poland): Enormous No Regrets wins comparisons and becomes Best of Breed :) Enormous Rock My World - second in junior class. Congrats!

12.05.2018 S-is are two weeks old ;) They are big, fatty and already look at the world with open eyes ;))

12.05.2018 National Show Samobor (Croatia): Enormous Make a Wish wins Best of Breed and finishes Croatia Championship :) Congrats!

09.05.2018 Happy Birthday "J" Litter due to fourth anniversary!

06.05.2018 National Show Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki (Poland): Enormous Mister Boss - Best Male and finished Poland Championship, Enormous Play with Fire - Best of Breed :) Congrats!

06.05.2018 And yet some current photos of Vera and Juna :)

05.05.2018 Our S-is are already one week old ;) Despite their number, they managed to double their weight, such good mum they have ;))

04.05.2018 New pics of: On Top, Rise and Shine, Rock My World, Roller Coaster. Thank you!

03.05.2018 Current photos of Luka and Vegas :)

28.04 - 01.05.2018 4 International Shows Zadar (Croatia): Enormous Ocean Breeze - 4 x CAC and finished Croatian Championship. Congrats!

29.04.2018 International Show Lingen (Germany): Enormous Only the Lonely - exc.1 CAC VDH. Congrats!

29.04.2018 International Show Opole: Enormous Make My Day (Poland) - exc.1 CWC R.CACIB. Congrats!

28.04.2018 Verhalten/Körung - Habichtswald (Germany): Enormous Rock and Roll performed very well at Verhalten II. Congrats!

28.04.2018 Our dreamt S pups are already here!

27.04.2018 Madra one year (2kB) ;-(((

19.04.2018 Juńcia our crazy girl e.i. litter Q has her first birthday today! All the best small devil ;))

13.04.2018 Enormous On Top: HD A (excellent hips) :) Congrats!

08.04.2018 International Show Warszawa (Poland): Enormous Mister Boss - CACIB & Best of Breed, Enormous Just One Look - Best Female & BOS, Enormous Play with Fire - Best Junior and finished Poland Junior Championship :) Congrats!
Special Show for Hovawarts Vrbljene (Slovenia): Enormous Ocean Breeze - exc.1 CAC in intermedia, judge Michael Kunze. Congrats!

27.03.2018 Next official health tests result for Enormous Make My Day: HD A, ED 0/0 (excellent joints) :) Congrats!

25.03.2018 National Show Pruszków (Poland): Enormous Play with Fire - Best Junior and Best of Breed ;) Congrats!

24.03.2018 New pics and movies of: Perfect Match, Ready, Rin Tin Tin, Rise and Shine, Rock and Roll, Rock My World, Roller Coaster, Run To You. Thanks!

19.03.2018 Today's ultrasound confirmed that we expect our S litter in 6 weeks :))

17.03.2018 Living in Slovenia Enormous Ocean Breeze - Riva he passed adult ZTP breeding exam (acc. to German pattern) with flying colours. We are very proud and congratulate!

13.03.2018 Fabulous news from Holland, official health tests result for Enormous Only the Lonely: HD A, ED 0/0 (next excellent joints by our pups) and he is also free from genetic eyes diseases :) Congrats!

11.03.2018 Enormous Only the Lonely passed in Holland young dogs assessment JB, judge M.Kunze.

11.03.2018 National Show Choceń (Poland): show debut of Enormous Rock My World - Best Puppy. Congrats!

27-28.02.2018 Waiting impatiently for S pups at the end of April ;))

17.02.2018 Today only the starts: Keep Smiling and Ocean Breeze ;)))

15.02.2018 Happy Birthday "C" Litter due to ninth anniversary!

14.02.2018 New pictures of: I am Original, Kerria, Peter Pan, Play with Fire, Ready, Rin Tin Tin, Rock and Roll, Rock My World, Run To You. Thank You!

13.02.2018 Happy Birthday "I" Litter due to fifth anniversary!

05.02.2018 Happy Birthday "P" Litter due to first anniversary!

03.02.2018 International and National Shows in Bydgoszcz (Poland), Junaa first time in junior class run out 2 x Best Junior title ;) And between shows she had some fun with Vera and Keeper ;))

26.01.2018 Enormous Mighty Marvel, No Regrets - from hips dysplasia HD A, Enormous Open Minded - HD A, ED 0/0. Congrats!

23.01.2018 Some new pics of Juna and Vera :)

18.01.2018 In new polish kennel Nanda Empire there were born out great-grandkids ;) Father of them is Docent Detal Akwamaryn (son of our Enormous Erato), and mother is Bihari Borówkowy Gaj (daughter of our Enormous American Express). Congrats!

15.01.2018 With tears in my eyes, thank you for pics of Aggy`s son: Ragnar Irysowe Wzgórze and of Steamy`s daughter - Obra Akwamaryn<3

14.01.2018 New pictures of: American Express - Nemo, Arla, Let`s Dance - Lares, Pefrect Match - Amber, Russian Roulette - Manita, Rock My World - Rika, Rise and Shine - Remi. Thank You!

11.01.2018 Maggy two years (2kB) ;-(((

07.01.2018 International Show Weelde (Belgium): Enormous Only the Lonely again Best of Breed with CACIB :) Congrats!

07.01.2018 Happy Birthday "B" Litter due to ninth anniversary!

06.01.2018 Vera is free from hips and elbows dysplasia (following excellent joints by our females) - HD A, ED 0/0 :) As always as the only one in Poland we publish x-rays pics.

04.01.2018 As every year, update of hovis statistics for the previous year: statistics of born litters, shows and General statistics. Enjoy reading ;)

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