15.12.2015 Sequel story of the dissoluted Hovawart Club in Poland... read more...



19.04.2018 Juńcia our crazy girl e.i. litter Q has her first birthday today! All the best small devil ;))

13.04.2018 Enormous On Top: HD A (excellent hips) :) Congrats!

08.04.2018 International Show Warszawa (Poland): Enormous Mister Boss - CACIB & Best of Breed, Enormous Just One Look - Best Female & BOS, Enormous Play with Fire - Best Junior and finished Poland Junior Championship :) Congrats!
Special Show for Hovawarts Vrbljene (Slovenia): Enormous Ocean Breeze - exc.1 CAC in intermedia, judge Michael Kunze. Congrats!

27.03.2018 Next official health tests result for Enormous Make My Day: HD A, ED 0/0 (excellent joints) :) Congrats!

25.03.2018 National Show Pruszków (Poland): Enormous Play with Fire - Best Junior and Best of Breed ;) Congrats!

24.03.2018 New pics and movies of: Perfect Match, Ready, Rin Tin Tin, Rise and Shine, Rock and Roll, Rock My World, Roller Coaster, Run To You. Thanks!

19.03.2018 Today's ultrasound confirmed that we expect our S litter in 6 weeks :))

17.03.2018 Living in Slovenia Enormous Ocean Breeze - Riva he passed adult ZTP breeding exam (acc. to German pattern) with flying colours. We are very proud and congratulate!

13.03.2018 Fabulous news from Holland, official health tests result for Enormous Only the Lonely: HD A, ED 0/0 (next excellent joints by our pups) and he is also free from genetic eyes diseases :) Congrats!

11.03.2018 Enormous Only the Lonely passed in Holland young dogs assessment JB, judge M.Kunze.

11.03.2018 National Show Choceń (Poland): show debut of Enormous Rock My World - Best Puppy. Congrats!

27-28.02.2018 Waiting impatiently for S pups at the end of April ;))

17.02.2018 Today only the starts: Keep Smiling and Ocean Breeze ;)))

15.02.2018 Happy Birthday "C" Litter due to ninth anniversary!

14.02.2018 New pictures of: I am Original, Kerria, Peter Pan, Play with Fire, Ready, Rin Tin Tin, Rock and Roll, Rock My World, Run To You. Thank You!

13.02.2018 Happy Birthday "I" Litter due to fifth anniversary!

05.02.2018 Happy Birthday "P" Litter due to first anniversary!

03.02.2018 International and National Shows in Bydgoszcz (Poland), Junaa first time in junior class run out 2 x Best Junior title ;) And between shows she had some fun with Vera and Keeper ;))

26.01.2018 Enormous Mighty Marvel, No Regrets - from hips dysplasia HD A, Enormous Open Minded - HD A, ED 0/0. Congrats!

23.01.2018 Some new pics of Juna and Vera :)

18.01.2018 In new polish kennel Nanda Empire there were born out great-grandkids ;) Father of them is Docent Detal Akwamaryn (son of our Enormous Erato), and mother is Bihari Borówkowy Gaj (daughter of our Enormous American Express). Congrats!

15.01.2018 With tears in my eyes, thank you for pics of Aggy`s son: Ragnar Irysowe Wzgórze and of Steamy`s daughter - Obra Akwamaryn<3

14.01.2018 New pictures of: American Express - Nemo, Arla, Let`s Dance - Lares, Pefrect Match - Amber, Russian Roulette - Manita, Rock My World - Rika, Rise and Shine - Remi. Thank You!

11.01.2018 Maggy two years (2kB) ;-(((

07.01.2018 International Show Weelde (Belgium): Enormous Only the Lonely again Best of Breed with CACIB :) Congrats!

07.01.2018 Happy Birthday "B" Litter due to ninth anniversary!

06.01.2018 Vera is free from hips and elbows dysplasia (following excellent joints by our females) - HD A, ED 0/0 :) As always as the only one in Poland we publish x-rays pics.

04.01.2018 As every year, update of hovis statistics for the previous year: statistics of born litters, shows and General statistics. Enjoy reading ;)

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