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15.02.2021 | Happy Birthday "C" Litter due to twelfth anniversary!

12-13.02.2021 | We were with Juna for mating in Austria at the beautiful blond Frisko von der Waldlichtung, we are not afraid of any pandemic, as always, we focus primarily on quality :)

13.02.2021 | Happy Birthday "I" Litter due to eighth anniversary!

05.02.2021 | Happy Birthday "P" Litter due to fourth anniversary!


26.01.2021 | We invite all friends and acquaintances of our Enormous hovis to the new facebook group: Enormous Hovawart :) We also invite all interested in the breed :)

25.01.2021 | Winter hovis: Uranus and Gunner, both with cool, active movies :)

20.01.2021 | In the Russian kennel Velan Hof 10 puppies were born after our 10.5 years old Enormous Enfant Terrible! We are very happy that our dogs, even in old age, are healthy and so much fertile, it is a great rarity... Congratulations!

17.01.2021 | And yet new pictures at: Hot Spot, Havana Hermosa, Impériale Nuta du Léman, Limited Edition, Stand By Me (+ movies).

17.01.2021 | Lots of news also by X litter: X Factor, Xciting Times (+ movie), Xcuse Me (+ movies), Xtra Fortune (+ movies), Xtra Vagant (+ movies), Xactly You (+ movie) and Xclusive Mind. Thank you!

16.01.2021 | News by W litter: Wise King, What’s Up (+ movies), Willy Wonka, Walking Liberty, Wild Heart, Walking Promise and Wonder Viivi. Thank you!

14.01.2021 | Enormous Stand By Me free from genetic eyes diseases. Congrats!

13.01.2021 | Finally an update of our wonderful V litter! Dozens of photos and videos: Valiant Equanimity, Very Special Love, Vision Of You (+ movies), Vanilla Sky (also from the meeting with sister Jolly and mom Juna), Vesper Royale (+ movies), Virgo Nobilis (+ movies; when Jolly is not the most beautiful model in Poland, she tracks, exercises and bites beautifully ;)), Vis Maior (+ movies) and Viva La Vida. It is a great pleasure to watch another litter of beautifully angulated puppies with correct ears ;) Thank you!

12.01.2021 | Today U litter update :)) Our U-lis are 15 months old and they look just great: U Are My Dream (+ movies - we especially recommend to defense lovers how a one-year-old dog can bite and be courageous in civil defense), Unchain My Heart (+ movies), Under Cover, Under Your Spell (+ movies), U Are My Destiny (+ movies), Uma Karuna, Uptown Girl (+ movie). Thank you!

11.01.2021 | Next update: Take a Look, Tinker Bell, True Temptation (with movie), Trust Me (with movie), Twisted Mind :)

09.01.2021 | Small update: Cherokee, Good Luck, Ocean Breeze, Open Minded, Rin Tin Tin, Ring Leader, Rock and Roll, Run To You, Rise and Shine (also movies), Rock My World (also movies), Second Luck, Stand By Me (+ movie), Smooth Criminal (also movies), Summer Day, Surprise Surprise :) There is nothing more important for a breeder than seeing his dogs healthy and happy! Thank you!

07.01.2021 | Happy Birthday "B" Litter due to twelfth anniversary!

04.01.2021 | As every year, update of Polish hovis statistics for the previous year: statistics of born litters, shows and General statistics. Enjoy the reading ;)