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Vegas` Gallery

Vegas turns today 10 years! Both she and her entire siblings are in perfect shape and health <3

There is only one queen! 9,5 - years old Vegas <3

Beach 2018 :) These beautiful pics were taken for us by Tea Pavisic <3

Over 9-years old Vegas <3

Vistula beach 2017 :)

Moloss Club Show, RZV judge Kirsten Wesche, Vegas still in excellent shape, Best Veteran and BOS (nthe best from all females) ;))

Finnish Tervakoski Hovawart Club Show, Vegas in veterans exc.2/17! Bravo Justynka ;) And Enormous breeder`s group: Vegas, Bina, Jingo, Vera ;)) e.i. mother with two daughters and her half-sister ;)

FILM 1    FILM 2     FILM 3

Justa and Vegas go like a bomb, International Show Łódź - Vegas defeats all younger dogs and becomes Best of Breed :) And after the show, meeting with Zulus (Enormous No Regrets) and his friend Rolf ;)

Debut of Vegas in veterans and Justyna on the show :)

FILM 1    FILM 2

Vegas - june 2016 :)

Flying hovis June 2016 :)

Vistula beach 2016 :)

True love ;))

Beautiful polish autumn on the Vistula islands with friend Aura ;))

The pack went to the water, also one L pup got in on ;)) There was lots of joy, madness, swimming and coatings ;))

My only one, wonderful, unique star at the age of 6,5 years <3 <3 <3

Our trip through Switzerland to Milan for WDS :) Oh, these views, clear streams, snow on the slopes, you could look at forever ;) And later yet great Mont Blanc :)))) And at the show we had a family meeting mum Vegas with her daughters from I litter - Luce and Nuta, and with their grandmother Mira from father Roy site. Vegas won the working class, ran great as always, my beloved Vegaska <3 Her daughter Nuta was exc.2 in the open class among 13 females!

May walkings (2015) :)

The so-called Winter - January 2015, Vegas with youth and with Maggy.

Vegas half a year after J litter rearing (November 2014).

Crimped Vegas (April 2014).

Vegas with mum Maggy (end of March 2014).

Vegas in all her glory (end of the year 2013).

Vegas after maternity break returned to trainings (end of April 2013).

My pack - february 2013, but already after I litter birth ;) Pictures by the courtesy of Mrs Kasia P.

Winter 2013, exactly 10th February, few days before I litter birth... We have snow in abundance and fun too ;)

Over week long vacation at polish seaside in friended holiday camp by dogs friends with Vegas and Maggy ;-) I`m so pleasantly surprised about how friendly were all people to our dogs, everybody wanted to stroke them and to take pics, it was very kind ;) Both females could run as much as they wanted, kids too, below memorial album....

Ludzko-psie wakacje (human-hovis holidays) - Lipiec (July) 2012

Shows in Koszalin (July 2012): Vegas debuts with very young handler ;-) with judges permission my brave 4,5 years old daughter shows Vegas for the first time ;-) On the end of the show Vegas gets 3 place in Best in Show competition! It happens very rare for hovawart, on the ring there were over 30 dogs of other breeds ;-) Besides that young handler gave interview to local television ;-))

My 3 years old star ;-))

Family meeting in Salzburg 19.05.2012, e.i. Vegas happiness seeing her ex again and Kalisto, Vegas and their kids ;)

Vegas after longer brake came back to trainings with new figurant ;-) Photos thanks to Gabriel, Ania and Magda!

Vegas on two most important shows this year in Dortmund - Jahrhundertsieger and Europasieger. Jahrhundertsieger - FCI-Centenary-Winner-Show: wins open class Exc1 CAC VDH and R.CACIB. VDH-Europasieger-Show: wins open class Exc1 CAC VDH CACIB and becomes VDH European Winner! She finishes German Championship in one year and one day and Interchampionship C.I.E.!!!

International Show in Luxembourg 26.03.2011: Vegas became Luxembourg Champion, Luxembourg Winner and Best of Breed, she got also Cruft Qualification ;-)

My love and pride: anatomical perfection hovawart model, throught all friends called "marvellous Vegas" ;-)) Photo session on finish pattern, the dog stays by himself, he`s not corrected or placed. Majka as always huuuuge thanks ;-))))))))

International Show in Katowice (Poland) and Vegas next victory ;-) Althugh not too much hair she wins CACIB and becames Best Female, and her judge descriptions goes as follows: "Very beautiful female, excellent size and proportions, beautiful expression, strong backline, free move, splendid coat and temperament".

06.03.2011 Vegas passes her first PT (Obedience Dog) exam with results of 190 points, note very good, place 1 among 5. Judge Beata Ryl.

Vegas first defence trainings. Well, the girl has talent from her father ;-))

11.12.2010 family Enormous hovis walk at strength: mum Maggy, daughters Dahlia, Najma and Vegas, friends Madra and Dolly, plus Steamy and his daughter Sabra.

18 months old Vegas in Majka`s objective ;-) And for the end our band: Vegas, Maggy, Magic, Steamy i Dottir.

Vegas on OB 0 contest in Warsaw.

Vegas on Jubilee Hovawart Club Show in Aarau in Switzerland 09.05.2010, where she wins junior class in competition of 22 females, gets first place with note excellent and becames Club Junior Winner, described through judge Elisabeth Kapsch (Austria): "this female has no foults, she is just excellent". Then in comparison with males, she becomes Best Junior. And in comparison for best female of the club show (16 months old Vegas and 5 best adult females), judges: Tapio Eerola (Finland), Margit Bothur (HZD), Jürgen Krämer (RZV) - V1 Club Best Female, and in comparison for Best of Breed with Best Male - Vegas BEST of BREED among 301 registered hovis from several european countries, judges Michael Kunze (RZV) and Beatrix Feix (HZD).

Vegas auf National Show in Dortmund 08.05.2010, where she wins Intermediate class and gets her first adult certs for German Champion!

Vegas on Europasieger in Dortmund 07.05.2010, where she wins junior class and becomes VDH Europa Junior Winner, first one in Poland!

Vegas on International Show in Łódź (Poland), with Cruft Qualification. Nearly 16 months old, second time in intermediate class: Excellent 1 from 5 females, CWC, CACIB, Best Female, Cruft Qualification and Best of Breedy!! Judge described her with one world: "MARVEL" ;-)) As the breeder and owner of this brilliant female, with great temperament and excellent body, it was an honour to hear only compliments and praiseworthy words. Judge said, she could look hours long at runnig Vegas, so beautiful and dynamic she is in movement.

Vegas with sister Dahlia on 02.05.2010.

Vegas on National Show in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, where she gets her first Poland Champion certificate ;-)

Spring, spring finally!! Vegas 14,5 months old ;)

7 February 2010, maybe anybody needs snow? ;-))) Vegas, Madra, Maggy & Steamy in their element ;-)

Vegas on National Show in Bydgoszcz, where she became Best Junior and Best of Breed, and she finished Junior Championship ;-)

Winter 2010, oversnowed, unending, what a hapinness in dogs` eyes, here are Vegas, Maggy and Steamy`s crazinesses ;-)

Thanks to Jola and Agata`s kindness we have beautiful pictures from the autumn walk of our bunch ;-))

Vegas on International Show in Poznań wins junior class as the only one female with excellent note and becomes Poland Junior Winner and after comparison with a male, also Best Junior ;-)))

Vegas with 10 months in the autumn sun ;)

Vegas on World Dog Show in Bratislava 10.10.2009, where she won her biggest success at the age of only 9 months and 2 days, she whiped 9 females in her class and in latest comparison also a male and became World Junior Winner and Best Junior ;-))))

Vegas On Moloss Club Show in Warsaw on 13.09.2009, for the second and last time in Puppy Class, she showed her self like a profi and got Best Puppy title again ;-) As a company there were sister Najma and obviously mum Maggy ;-)

Our band with guest company of Majka & Magic or Madra ;-))

Vegas first show: International CACIB in Warsaw 11.07.09, ended with Best Puppy title and appearance on Puppy BIS ;-) To comapanion we had Madra & Magic from C litter after Dottir&Gajus ;-)

Training with Majka and Missy before first show (under the watchful eye of future junior handler ;-))))));-)

There was a meeting of three sisters from B litter in Kołatka: Najma, Blaze & Vegas, that was a fun without end ;-)

Vegas & Steamy on tracking course in Kołatka nearby Zielona Góra ;-) A little bit work and a little bit pleasure ;-)

So you can kill uncle Steamy (although he`s not so easy ;-))) ;-)

My ever-day live at the age of 4,5 months, e.i. walks and playing with small missy ;-)

Majka took beautiful pictures of me, I`m almost 4,5 months here and imagine I can stay like on the show ;-)

My next show, this time in Łódź 03.05.09, it finished with stay by my sister Dahlia ;-) It`s good to have family everywhere ;-)

My first hovis walk 25.04.09, there was also my sister Najma so it was us the smallest briskly togehter ;-)

Not far away from us lives uncle Steamy`s daughter, she is 6 weeks younger than me but plays just great ;-)

My first show (Lublin 19.04.09), as you can see a little bit overslept ;-) But after the show we had with mum grate meeting with my brother Morrus ;-)

My meeting with my sister Najma went on quite turbulent.... ;-)))

Hier I am 3 months ready, I`m big and have looooong legs ;-)

Sometimes I just have melancholy in my eyes ;-) Anyway I`m very small yet, so I sleep with my teddy-bear and after a long walk I can be tired ;-) but not always ;-)))

Guests came to C pups, there were strange dogs and lots of hands for biting ;-) And it was spring day 21.03.09 ;-)

Here I am 2,5 months and almost 3 months ;-)

Together with me grew pups from C litter younger 5,5 weeks than me ;-) They were small vampires, so fun was grate, whole days we were just fighting. Pity, they are not hier anymore, buuu...

With dad, as everybody knows, is the best to fall a sleep and mum is the best for playing ;-) Sometimes also uncle Steamy joins our romps ;-)

Here I am in my first live weeks, together with mum and my siblings ;-) I was learning to walk, to eat, I played and run like a devil, couse I`m mad a little bit ;-) but only a little ;-)))