H O V I S   W A L K S

Still winter walk 05.03.2011;-)

Winter aura with Hovis dark mass 22.01.2011;-)

First walk after vacations on the end of summer 19.09.2009 ;-)

First spring walk on the first day of the sping 21.03.2009 ;-)

Winter walk in full snow, on which there were already Conny`s great great grandkids! ;-)

Autumn October hovis walk ;-)

September Hovis Walk;-)

Spring walk with 10 hovis boys and 3 hovis girls ;-)

Excellent october weather, lots of hovis and as always nice walk with grate company ;-)

June walk with only dark hovis ;-)

April hovis walk with gorgeous weather ;-)

First spring walk with grate weather ;-)

February finally winter walk ;-)

New year, Januar, new walk ;-) Excellent weather, happy dogs, satisfied owners ;-)

December but anyway spring ;-)) hovis walk ;-)

First almost winter hovis walk ;-)

Hovis October walk ;-)

Hovis September walk ;-)

Hovis Februar walk ;-)

Conny invited his family for common hovis December walk ;-)