H E L L O !

My name is Anna Pieczyńska. Since 1994 I've been the owner of the most wonderful breed, which is the Hovawart. On my webpage I try to share as much information as it is possible about this great breed and also about my dogs and me ;-) I have to admit, immodestly ;-), that during last 20 years my website has grown up so much that probably it became the largest private hovawart - website in the internet (if you know bigger one please let me know ;-). Webpage is still expanding and almost every day updated. I hope you'll find here lots of valuable information, see thousands photos of dogs from whole Europe and spend nice time ;-)

On the left side you can find menu from where you can easily move to another pages. In the section "About me" you'll find infos about me, my kennel and my breeding rules, e.i. what I go by when I mate the dogs, what to I pay the biggest attention and what dogs my hovawart example show and what are just incorrect according to the breed standard. After many years I felt mature to be the breeder. And in any case a breeder who has a female and has to reproduce her. I want to be conscious, ambitious breeder who is pursueing his goals. After more than 15 years of learning, knowledge earning how to make up dogs, how to rear and lead them, I believe I`ll be finally able to carry my ideas into effect :-) In this section I also write about hovawart meetings and camps I organized and about mentality tests for puppies I execute in each kennel which has such wish.

"About my dogs" is a section describing my dogs, my all experiences and joys related with them. Under main section there are pages of my 5 hovis (plus two of them behind the rainbow bridge:-() and there are also links to their pedigrees, family photos, offspring and their own galleries where they tell about their lives. On pages of my hovis you'll find the largest number of photos of another hovis.

"News" is section where I put current updates on website and inform about successes of my dogs and their family. In "News Archive" are all news from previous years. If you want to know what had happened by me and my dogs in last few years - be my guest ;-)

"Our litters" is of course page about pups born by us. Recapitulation our pupils is "Litters table".

"Our Grandkids" section is my favorite one where I present puppies from my breedings, usually based on my boys lines. It's such an uncommon pleasure for me, when I can serve other breeders with my knowledge and always I`m helping gladly. Base of the conscious breeding is correct match between male and female. Everyone who selects studmale looking only at how close does the male live or how he looks like or how many shows titles he possesses, shouldn't call himself the breeder but simple producer who does not realize that his breedings decisions will influence many families, who will buy a puppy from him. That's why I'm glad that my choices appears right and good puppies are born which are only happiness for their new owners. I'm very proud that pups from my breedings find often homes abroad, all over the world. I`m delighted that many abroad breeders appreciate my efforts to keep our breed on high level.

Lately added new section "Stud males" shows males from my dogs lines, who have beeding licence and who I can safely recommend.

In section "Puppies" you'll find current and planned litters from different matings, usually foreign, which I plan of many months advance, taking into consideration many aspects but most of all origin, health and mentality of parents. My females have litters once in ca. 1,5 year. Meanwhile all interested in a puppy are sent to other breeders, who asked me to plan their mating. Litters from section "Puppies" are the one I can safely recommend. When all puppies find new homes, my litters are moved to "Our litters" section, and litters from my matings in other kennels to "Our Grandkids" section.

Usually once a month we meet in a group of hovis to go for a walk together. Photos from our trips you can find in "Hovis Walks" section.

For all interested in not only polish hovawarts, I prepared the site "Hovawarts in Europe", where you can find lots of photos of many known and respected hovis out of last 30 years, mostly from breed homeland. On this webpage you will find hovawart image as he should be. There are champions of Germany, Europe, World, Clubs Winners - dogs which impressed me and who I consider to be standard breed representatives or even though the ones who should be found among european "Hovis elite", because of their successes.

The site "Standard" shows FCI Hovawart Breed Standard Nr 190.

"Statistics for breed" it`s section, which concerns statistics for hovis in Poland, it is divided into three parts: general statistics, litters statistics as for years and shows statistics as for years.

"Genetics" is an interesting description where from come different hovis colours and theoretical-genetic information about breeding ;-)

We're coming to the end ;-) Section "Links" is a list of many hovis webpages in whole Europe.

It the end of the list there is e-mail and Contact to me. There are also Skype details, but please write me email before for authorization.

So, dear visitor, if you have any questions, would like to talk about Hovis, buy a puppy or come to breed your female - feel free to write or call me!