Litter T - Enormous, born 06.04.2019


inbreed = 0 %

Parents of T litter:

Father: German VDH Champion, German Klub Champion, BH, Körung (D), HD A1, eyes - free

Daico Ut'n Düvelsmoor (black & gold), Germany

(his parents are: CAC, Körung (D), HD A1, ED 0/0, eyes - free Alvaro vom Staudaländle und CAC, Körung (D), HD A1 Arven Ut'n Düvelsmoor)



Mother: International Show Champion (C.I.E.), Poland Champion, Lithuania Champion, Poland Junior Champion, Crufts Quali, PL Club Junior Winner 2015 & Best Junior, Frühjahrsjugendsieger - Dortmund 2015, HD A, ED 0/0, free from genetic eyes and heart diseases

Enormous Just One Look (black) (Luka`s sites)

Luka`s rendezvous:

Love is in the air :)

Luka`s pregnancy:


First day:

First week:

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Second week:

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Third week:

Fourth week:

Fifth week:

Sixth week:

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