Hovawart Club in Poland dissolution.

Due to steady lies about me and misleading the whole hovawart community in Poland and in the world by the people from dissolved Hovawart Club in Poland in the persons in the first place Aleksandra Pasko, Dorota Mucha and Katarzyna Godlewska, I would like to inform you that the Courts of Justice of two instances confirmed that the only people guilty of Club dissolution are members of the Club Board and indirectly Aleksandra Pasko through her work in the Audit Commission of the Club. The sentence is legally binding. The club was dissolved by the Board of the Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP) in year 2011 because of numerous irregularities committed by the Club Board. The decision so strongly hurt activists ladies that to move away from blame, until now they spread in Europe and Poland false information that I and Anna Lang are guilty of the Club dissolution. Because guilty are not those who commit irregularities, lies, actions to the detriment of breeders, but those who have the courage to say "enough".
I did not want made public sentences, because I consider this case to be pathetic and ridiculous, but I was again forced to do so by another misrepresentation of all hovawart people by Aleksandra Pasko, which again claims in Poland and Europe, that she won lawsuit. That's not true. The District Court and Court of Appeal rejected Aleksandra Pasko lawsuit and admit I was right in every aspect of Club dissolution and irregularities that have taken place in it, and committed by Aleksandra Pasko and the Board of the Club.
Reading the judgment, please note that the Court wrote clearly that he does not believe in the testimony of the ladies of the Club Board. It is also important to know that the decision of the High Court of Justiciary prosecutor's office has to start proceedings in this case. Such are the consequences for submitting false testimony in Court for A.Pasko.

24.08.2016 Update: On 21.07.2016 the High Court refused to accept Aleksandra Pasko cassation appeal into consideration, recognizing it as completely unfounded! Let us hope that this fact will end up pathetic public complexes treatment by the plaintiff, who engaged in her resentments the whole country and a lot of people. Three following Courts instances have recognized that it is she and her friends from the Hovawart Club Board who are responsible for its dissolution and it's time to accept that and finally enter a plea of guilty.
Remember Hovawart people who support such creation as Polska Hovawart, it is run by a person, because of whom Poland does not have a reliable, upright Hovawart Club.

District Court sentence.
Court of Appeal sentence.
The High Court sentence.